thanksgiving turkey

Ready to have all of your friends over for a Thanksgiving meal? Don’t let the upcoming holidays hamper your culinary dreams. You don’t need a lot of money to cook a memorable meal for Thanksgiving. Read these great money saving tips for…

Between air conditioning and heating, our apartments can start to feel stuffy and stale. But adding some houseplants to your décor actually can help clean indoor air all year round, while improving the look of your home. Read on for the benefits of indoor plants and how to take advantage of them.

With post-holiday season sales (and the Super Bowl) on the horizon, now is a great time to consider purchasing a new TV! Whether you find a deal online or receive one as a holiday gift, you’ll want to unpack and start watching your new television as soon as possible. Not only do flat panel televisions look great, but their thin profiles also make them relatively easy to mount on a wall. Hanging your TV will save space and keep it well out of a baby or toddler’s reach in case you need to baby-proof your entertainment area. Here are a few tips to properly hang your new TV in your apartment and hide those pesky wires.

When pet parents decide to go their separate ways, it’s important to find a custody solution for pets that will satisfy everyone affected – especially Fido and Fluffy. Read on for a look at ideas on how to handle pet custody after a break-up.

Sometimes there are too many details to consider when choosing an apartment, making it hard to make a final decision. There are many angles that might make one new apartment seem more appealing to you than another. [find-an-apartment] Read on for our some guidelines on how to channel your second-guessing toward choosing a great apartment.