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School for International Training, VT

Situated in the small city of Brattleboro, Vermont, is the School for International Training (SIT), a college program of World Learning which aims to promote international educational experiences. The school is currently separated into two different departments, the SIT Graduate Institute, which rewards a number of different master's degrees in fields related to education and sustainable development, and SIT Study Abroad, which provides a number of different international undergraduate and graduate programs. If you're a student living in the area who has been thinking of attending college, you may find that SIT has a number of great opportunities for many students.

This school is ideal for a student who would like to pursue some of their coursework elsewhere in the world. Although you may earn a master's degree at SIT while in Brattleboro, undergraduates can typically expect to spend time in a foreign country. However, no matter where you end up, SIT Study Abroad ensures that you receive proper student housing. And if you are pursuing a master's in Brattleboro, you'll be pleased to know that finding an off campus apartment should be relatively easy.

And when it's time to put down the books and head out to the city, you'll find Vermont to be quite easy to travel. If you're interested in seeing what a bigger city has to offer, simply hop on a bus and you'll be in Burlington in no time. Once there, you can experience its unique restaurants, swanky bars and excellent nightclubs before heading back to campus. Plus, lovers of the outdoors will have the chance to enjoy the state's majestic landscapes throughout the year.

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