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Marlboro College, VT

Located in the city of Marlboro, Vermont, is Marlboro College, a small liberal arts school. It was originally founded in 1946 with the intention of providing educational experiences for veterans returning from World War II, receiving funding primarily from the GI Bill. It has continued to grow in size ever since then - currently, the student enrollment stands at about 250. In 1997, a graduate school was founded by faculty members from Marlboro College, applying the same principles of the original school to one which offered programs specifically for those hoping to advance toward specific career goals. If you're a student living in the area who has been thinking about attending college, Marlboro College could be right up your alley - it's an alternative approach to education and could be perfect for those with particular academic pursuits.

Because of its relatively small size, Marlboro College doesn't have all the same facilities as larger schools. However, it nonetheless features plenty of student housing and continues to renovate. In fact, the school has recently opened a new dormitory and electronic music lab. Students are largely encouraged to come up with their own degree programs and spend the majority of their junior and senior years pursuing the goals they set out, rather than focusing on heavy work inside the classroom.

Marlboro College is unique in that the campus is fairly isolated. For this reason, finding an off campus apartment is possible, but students will typically stay in university housing during their time at the school. This is intended to promote a sense of camaraderie and trust between students and faculty members.

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