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Friendswood, TX

There's a reason that America's largest cities have their names in bold print on maps of the country. These are the areas that people flock to in search of jobs, a new lifestyle, and excitement. Those looking for apartments in the Houston area can find all of that in the city's array of cultural attractions and professional opportunities. But new residents should also be aware of what the surrounding communities have to offer. While large urban areas like Houston tend to have a mass appeal, there's also something decidedly pleasant about apartments with the quaintness and intimacy of small cities and towns such as Friendswood.

Those who rent an apartment in Friendswood, Texas, have found that the city is just as neighborly as it sounds. According to the town's website, residents in Friendswood apartments can still see the lingering vestiges of fig orchards, rice fields and Quaker homes that were once found throughout the area. Although the Quaker colony has given way to substantial commercial, industrial and residential growth, its appeal, and charming name have continued on.

Finally, those in Friendswood apartments can unite around an aspect of their community that is quite unique, compared to other Houston suburbs: space travel. Apartments in Friendswood are right around the corner from the Lyndon B. Johnson Space center and the Challenger Seven Memorial Park. With astronauts training right around the corner, its clear that the city has come a long way from its early days, but a special old-world flavor remains.

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