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Bryan College is a Christian liberal arts college, located in southeastern Tennessee, that was founded as a result of the famous and influential Scopes trial, which examined the legitimacy of teaching evolution in state funded schools. During the trial, the lawyer William Jennings Bryan urged that student living be established in the area with a dedication to "teaching truth from a Biblical perspective."  Several years later, in 1930, Bryan College was established in his honor, "for the purpose of establishing, conducting and perpetuating a university for the higher education of men and women under the auspices distinctly Christian and spiritual, as a testimony to the supreme glory of the Lord and to the Divine inspiration and infallibility of the Bible," according to Time Magazine.

Today, about 1,300 students enroll at the college, and divide themselves among several student housing options. The school's main campus is set in Dayton, Tennessee, a developing city of about 7,000 residents that is filled with public parks and set aside Chickamauga Lake, and impoundment of the Tennessee River. This cozy locale is a popular site of off campus housing for Bryan College students, who opt for a college apartment in one of the city's most attractive communities. Academically, the college offers several associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees in 20 majors and master's degrees in Business Administration and in Christian Studies.

Lake Chickamauga is one of the main attractions to Dayton and to Bryan College off campus housing, but the city's attractions extend well beyond this beautiful vista. Within walking distance from a college apartment, students can find the Dayton Municipal Park and Pendergrass Park, both of which hug the lake. Over the bridge sits Dayton's small and charming downtown, which is home to popular delis, gyms, restaurants and bars.

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