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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About St Charles Borromeo Seminary

its very quiet and simple. The neighborhood is also very safe. it is also near downtown and it is easy to get around.

I like being able to walk to the store only a couple blocks a way. I like being able to have pets and seeing other people's pets.

How calm and quiet it and the friendly people to,Great place to live all around getting to places to is easy and Drs are great the downtown area is pretty small with a few movie theater and lots of places to eat to.

I like that my neighborhood is close to the bank and gas station. I like that it's near businesses and down the street from the mall.

There is a fantastic Austrian cafe with brunch, cakes, and pastries that we buy from on birthdays. I also like the numerous parks near our home.

I like that I can walk to work. It is close enough. I like to walk around and look at plants because plants are cool.

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