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Saint Francis University, PA

Founded in 1847 by six Franciscan Friars from Ireland, Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania was one of the first Catholic Universities in the U.S. and the nation’s first Franciscan college. Today, student living takes place among the forests and farmland of the small town in central Pennsylvania. Saint Francis University offers student housing throughout the area. About 1,800 undergraduate students and upwards of 600 graduate students find a Saint Francis University apartment or dormitory in the Loretto area as they pursue their studies. The small size of the university creates an intimate atmosphere among students, which is heightened by its location in the cozy town.

Those who reside in Saint Francis University student housing may work toward a baccalaureate degree in any of 25 undergraduate programs, or any of seven graduate majors, including a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. While many students enroll at Saint Francis because of the school’s academic reputation, the school’s campus and surrounding area only strengthen the case for a Franciscan education. Adjacent to much of the institution’s student housing, students can find the main building for the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, as well as the on-campus Immergrun Golf Course, which was built for Charles M. Schwab, who had a mansion in Loretto.

While Schwab’s mansion may not be available as a university apartment, many students at Saint Francis find comfortable and convenient off campus housing near campus. In particular, an apartment to the west of campus places students near everything they’ll need to support their lifestyle: the Loretto Pub & Grill, Italian Village Pizza and the golf course itself.

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