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Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, PA

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania is one of 14 state universities in the Pennsylvania Higher Education System, and one of the oldest. Student living has been a staple of Mansfield, Pennsylvania, since the school was established as a seminary in 1857. Since then, Mansfield University has been a state normal school, teachers college, state college, and finally state university. Today, nearly 3,400 young scholars search for student housing in north-central Pennsylvania to complete undergraduate, graduate and associates degrees in a wide variety of areas. Mansfield is a small, quaint borough that sponsors an annual event to celebrate the 1890’s, when, incidentally, the town hosted the first night football game played under electric lights.

The tranquility and comfortable pace of Mansfield makes a university apartment a viable setting for those who wish to concentrate on their studies. The university offers a robust curriculum with courses for learners at nearly all levels of higher education. In particular, these offerings include 73 undergraduate, nine graduate, seven associate and 63 minor programs.

Off campus housing in near Mansfield University of Pennsylvania places students in a small community with a variety of recreational activities available through the borough’s natural environment. The town is located alongside the Tioga River and opens into several fields and wooded areas in the river valley that are ideal for hiking, biking or jogging.

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