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Corban College, OR

Corban University is a private, independent Baptist university located in Salem, Oregon. It was originally founded in 1935 as the Western Baptist Bible College in Arizona, eventually making its way to Oregon and changing its name in 1969. The school boasts a small student population of about 1,000, which is perfect for a student living in the area who's interested in going back to school but may not be interested in attending a larger institution. Corban University offers undergraduate degrees in several different fields - though its primary focus is on Bible studies, students can also pick from a number of liberal arts programs. Corban also offers graduate programs in areas like business, education and counseling. If you've been thinking about going back to school, you may find that Corban University is right up your alley.

This institution offers a somewhat unique mix of Christian studies and liberal arts programs - many schools usually offer one or the other, but few actually provide both. However, all classes are taught from a Biblical standpoint, demonstrating how Christian values can be applied to a number of different fields. Students are also required to complete at least 50 hours of community service before graduating.

When it's time to put down the books and hit the town for the evening, those living in student housing or an off campus apartment will find that Salem has plenty to offer. With a population greater than 154,000, you're sure to find an evening activity that suits your particular interests. The annual World Beat Festival, held every year in June, is a two-day celebration of crafts, music, dance and food. It's the perfect opportunity for members of the community to come together and enjoy one another's company.

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