Apartments for rent in Southwestern Christian University, OK

Wilshire Ridge

8201 Rockwell Avenue, Warr Acres, Oklahoma 73132
(14 Ratings)
Studio$565+Only 1 unit left
1 Bed$615+4 units left
2 Beds$725+Only 1 unit left
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Updated 3 days ago
(405) 563-9722

Central Oklahoma City

3100 Northwest Expressway Street, Warr Acres, Oklahoma 73112
(43 Ratings)
1 Bed$580+
3 Beds$935+
Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(405) 241-9237

Central Oklahoma City

2400 Northwest 30th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
(4 Ratings)
StudioPlease Call
2 Beds$809+
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Updated a day ago
(405) 384-4832

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Central Oklahoma City

5107 N Hammond Avenue, Warr Acres, Oklahoma 73122
(2 Ratings)
1 Bed$575+
2 Beds$685+
3 Beds$850+
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(405) 367-1711

Central Oklahoma City

7920 NW 21st Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73008
(14 Ratings)
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(405) 254-4438

Central Oklahoma City

6303 NW 63rd St., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132
(10 Ratings)
1 Bed$585+
2 Beds$750+
3 Beds$1,000
4 Beds$1,200
Current Rent Specials
(405) 563-9726

West 10th

6700 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127
1 Bed$650+
2 Beds$750+
Current Rent Specials
(405) 445-3569

Windsor Oaks

5518 N. W. 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127
2 Beds$585+Only 1 unit left
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(405) 384-7772

Central Oklahoma City

4205 North Meridian, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
(405) 400-7002

Central Oklahoma City

4020 North Meridian, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
1 Bed$475+
2 Beds$575+
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(405) 384-7770

Central Oklahoma City

4200 N. Meridan, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
(61 Ratings)
Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(405) 562-7318

Central Oklahoma City

3817 North Geraldine Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
1 Bed$475+
2 Beds$575+
Current Rent Specials
(405) 418-6960


7652 NW 10th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127
1 Bed$510+
2 Beds$620+
3 Beds$800+
Current Rent Specials
(405) 607-9921


2221 N Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107
(3 Ratings)
1 Bed$550+
2 Beds$625+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 8 days ago
(405) 753-0010

Northwest Oklahoma City

6708 W. Wilshire Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132
(6 Ratings)
2 Beds$710+4 units left
4 Beds$1,156+
Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(405) 622-3064

Southwest Oklahoma City

4108 Cove Drive, Yukon, Oklahoma 73099
(1 Ratings)
2 Beds$1,000+
3 Beds$1,200+
Current Rent Specials
Top Rated
(405) 563-9735

Northwest Oklahoma City

6370 West Wilshire, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132
1 Bed$499+
2 Beds$599+
3 Beds$769+
Current Rent Specials
(405) 384-4848

Edgewater Park

4811 Northwest Expressway, Warr Acres, Oklahoma 73132
Pet Friendly
1 Bed$1,080+
Current Rent Specials
(405) 562-7267

Northwest Oklahoma City

6400 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132
1 Bed$599+
2 Beds$699+
Current Rent Specials
(405) 241-9925


7145 Melrose Ln, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127
1 Bed$425
2 Beds$475
Current Rent Specials
(405) 384-8531
All about

Southwestern Christian University, OK

Southwestern Christian University's history dates back to 1946 when it was founded by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and specialized in training men and women for ministerial positions within the church. While the college has changed its name since then and now offers a wide range of undergraduate options, it has not lost its commitment to a faith-based education. Today, the school has a wealth of university living options, a stellar academic reputation and a wonderful campus living experience that makes it one of the best Christian colleges in Oklahoma.

The institution maintains an impressive 15-to-1 student-faculty ratio, which gives aspiring professionals the individual attention they deserve to succeed in their chosen fields. Southwestern Christian University offers many academic programs in a variety of high-demand fields, such as theology, education, language arts, creative arts and social sciences. With degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level, the college has much to offer students looking to further their education.

The student living experience is one of the most attractive aspects of the university, with student government, ministry and other interest groups playing an important role on-campus. The school is also a member of the NAIA and the NCCAA, and participates in men's and women's sports, including basketball, volleyball, bowling, golf, track and field, soccer and more.

The town of Bethany, Oklahoma, has much to offer those living in off-campus housing or a college apartment with many public parks and a bustling downtown area. Those wishing to get a taste of big city life can take the short drive to Oklahoma City, where concerts, sporting events and other recreational opportunities are taking place year-round.

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