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Union Institute & University, OH

Since its founding in 1964, Union Institute & University, whose main campus sits in northern Cincinnati, Ohio, has expanded to satellite campuses in Vermont, Florida and California, to reach the learners who could most benefit from student living at the school. Today, about 2,000 students from across the country benefit from the Union Institute & University’s student housing and academic programs, which have a unique origin. The school was established through a consortium of ten liberal arts colleges that were experimenting with nontraditional philosophies toward education. Current students not only benefit from these experiments, but also with the friendly climate and active community in the surrounding neighborhood of Cincinnati that encompasses many university apartments.

Typically, off campus housing at Union Institute & University is preferred, as many of the schools students enroll for adult education course. Students range in age from about their mid-twenties to their late sixties - a mix that invites many different perspectives, goals, interests and needs for student living. To serve such a wide variety of students, Union offers nearly 40 degree programs, which may lead to a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Education, Doctorate in Education, Psy.D, or Ph.D.

By renting a university apartment, students are placed in a Cincinnati neighborhood that is both convenient and comfortable. Local hot spots include the banal yet amusing American Sign Museum, as well as some more exciting options, like the Greenwich bar, Brew House, or the Parkside Cafe.

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