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Stony Ridge, OH

Are you thinking about switching from the hustle and bustle of city life to quiet country living? You might just find the perfect apartment in Stony Ridge, Ohio.

If you are moving from the city, you know how stressful it can be at times. Besides the fast-paced environment, living in a metropolitan area means a higher cost of living, cramped quarters, pollution and traffic. Living in an apartment in Stony Ridge, you will experience none of those.

Located in Troy Township, Wood County, Stony Ridge will have apartment hunters gasping with delight at the pristine country atmosphere surrounded by acres of corn fields. However, just because you're in a small town setting doesn't mean that you can't get the amenities that a city offers. Toledo is only 25 minutes north of Stony Ridge, so you can still enjoy your loud concerts and other metro events without having to live in it.

Would-be apartment residents of Stony Ridge will see that the town is a great portrayal of the Midwest lifestyle. The people rely on one another for help and camaraderie and because Stony Ridge is small, most of its residents know everyone else, and this kind of relationship has become the foundation for the tight-knit community.

The locals surely appreciate the wide open spaces, perfect for a lazy weekend with family and friends as the grill sizzles with steak and corn. Pastimes in the area also include the local hangout spot Pee Wee's.

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