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Hiram College, located in the eponymous Ohio town of just over 1,000 residents, has been a cornerstone of the small community since its establishment in 1850. Unlike the nation's many colleges that were founded in urban centers around the country, the location of Hiram College was deliberately chosen for its sprawling landscapes, away from the hum of the city. In this vein, student living has maintained a traditional approach to education throughout the years. Many students choose student housing at Hiram College because of the school's unique attributes: small class size, a novel academic schedule, and ample study abroad opportunities.

Students in both on campus and off campus housing have access to a myriad of academic options at Hiram. The school offers more than 50 academic disciplines, and pre-professional programs, conferring Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies degrees. Science students may be particularly interested in student living at Hiram, as the school's medical school acceptance rate has sustained notably high rankings, according to the Princeton Review. As part of the academic schedule, the two 15-week semesters are further divided into two sessions: a 12-week period when students take three courses, and a 3-week term when students have one intensive course.

Renting a college apartment at Hiram College can be just as unique. According to the school's website, Hiram, Ohio was chosen as the site of the school because of it seemed "healthful and free of distractions." Indeed, off campus housing is surrounded by stretches of serene landscape that nature lovers will adore.

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