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3701 Governors Club Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43219
(9 Ratings)
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(614) 364-4859

2425 W. Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43235
New Construction
(7 Ratings)
1 Bed$1,050+
2 Beds$1,345+
3 Beds$2,275+
Current Rent Specials
(614) 470-5818

Polaris South

8321 Seattle Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43240
1 Bed$899+
2 Beds$1,149+
3 Beds$1,419+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 2 days ago
(614) 682-7705
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Cross Creek

5652 Roberts Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43026
3 Beds$1,650+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 13 days ago
(614) 767-5549


8900 Lyra Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43240
2 Beds$1,699+Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 20 hours ago
(614) 845-2361

Governours Square

1075 Weybridge Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43220
Pet Friendly
2 Beds$1,135+Only 1 unit left
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 5 days ago
(614) 372-8226


2143 Winslow Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43207
(3 Ratings)
1 Bed$611
Current Rent Specials
Updated 21 hours ago
(614) 971-2180

Italian Village

773 Waldron Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
1 Bed$1,195+
2 Beds$1,795+
Current Rent Specials
(614) 472-8727


4312 Westport Road, Columbus, Ohio 43228
(12 Ratings)
2 Beds$825+
3 Beds$1,000+
Current Rent Specials
(614) 372-8239


205 Vine St, Columbus, Ohio 43215
1 Bed$1,215+
2 Beds$1,556+
Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(614) 682-7686

Worthington Park

601 Flarestar Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43240
2 Beds$1,284+5 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 20 hours ago
(614) 636-4286

1401 Aschinger Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43212
(292 Ratings)
Studio$950+5 units left
1 Bed$1,101+
2 Beds$1,409+8 units available
3 Beds$2,114+Only 1 unit left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 18 hours ago
(614) 423-5693

6026 Summit Way, Grove City, Ohio 43123
Pet Friendly
Please Call
1 BedPlease Call
2 BedsPlease Call
3 BedsPlease Call
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
(614) 423-4631


223 E Town St, Columbus, Ohio 43215
New Construction
Studio$1,174+10 units available
1 Bed$1,342+
2 Beds$1,723+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 2 days ago
(614) 656-6927


1190 Chambers Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212
(1 Ratings)
1 Bed$700+
2 Beds$780+
Current Rent Specials
Top Rated
(614) 656-4436

Dexter Falls

4890 Edwards Farms Road, Columbus, Ohio 43026
(1 Ratings)
1 Bed$975+
2 Beds$1,195+
3 Beds$1,795+
Current Rent Specials
Top Rated
(844) 349-5255


4011 Easton Way, Columbus, Ohio 43219
(2 Ratings)
Studio$918+Only 1 unit left
1 Bed$1,096+5 units left
2 Beds$1,357+5 units left
3 Beds$1,864+Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 21 hours ago
(614) 300-1503

Olentangy Commons

4765 Blairfield Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43214
1 Bed$815+
2 Beds$930+
3 Beds$1,170+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
(614) 707-4556

800 Baldwin Drive, Grandview Heights, Ohio 43212
1 Bed$1,293+
2 Beds$1,757+Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 3 days ago
(844) 628-7844

Dexter Falls

4020 Cyber Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43221
(8 Ratings)
2 Beds$1,195+4 units left
3 Beds$1,975+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 7 days ago
(614) 428-0860


2255 Country Corners Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43220
(8 Ratings)
2 Beds$823+Only 1 unit left
3 Beds$1,043Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 16 hours ago
(614) 682-7629


350 Mt Vernon Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215
Studio$1,150+10 units available
1 Bed$1,400+
2 Beds$2,100+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 6 days ago
(614) 682-7237

950 Dorchester Way, Columbus, Ohio 43212
1 Bed$1,250+
2 Beds$1,665+
3 Beds$2,435+Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 3 days ago
(614) 602-5312

6667 Wesbury Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43235
1 Bed$925+
2 Beds$1,075+
Current Rent Specials
(614) 682-3081

175 Dillmont Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43235
(21 Ratings)
1 Bed$820+
2 Beds$920+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 6 days ago
(614) 372-8100

East Columbus

1488 McNaughten Road, Columbus, Ohio 43232
(5 Ratings)
2 Beds$1,015+Only 2 units left
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 6 days ago
(614) 372-8117

Preserve South

5510 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43230
1 Bed$943+
2 Beds$1,134+Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(614) 797-0291

Northern Woods

5650 Knighthood Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43231
2 Beds$820+
Current Rent Specials
(614) 372-7541

Cherry Creek

5179 Dempster Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43228
(3 Ratings)
1 Bed$469
2 Beds$569+
3 Beds$669+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 4 days ago
(614) 410-5872


181 Derrer Road, Columbus, Ohio 43204
Pet Friendly
(1 Ratings)
1 Bed$599+
2 Beds$659+
3 Beds$759+
4 Beds$889+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 4 days ago
Top Rated
(614) 675-5128


6374 Busch Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43229
(3 Ratings)
1 Bed$549+
2 Beds$699+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 10 days ago
(614) 410-5869

East Columbus

4470 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43213
(7 Ratings)
2 Beds$619+
3 Beds$649+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 6 days ago
(614) 372-8109

Hyde Park

4333 Chesford Road, Columbus, Ohio 43224
(2 Ratings)
1 Bed$519+
2 Beds$619+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 10 days ago
Top Rated
(614) 707-4575

Dexter Falls

5412 Edwards Farms Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221
(1 Ratings)
1 Bed$785+
2 Beds$1,132+
3 Beds$1,773+
Current Rent Specials
Top Rated
(614) 372-8113

Dexter Falls

5199 Edwards Farms Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221
1 Bed$858+
2 Beds$1,106+
Current Rent Specials
(614) 675-5129

South Columbus

14 Oak Road, Columbus, Ohio 43217
1 Bed$600+
2 Beds$630+
3 Beds$700+
4 Beds$1,050+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 5 days ago
(614) 707-4516
All about

Columbus, OH

Getting to Know Columbus, OH

Columbus is at the geographical and cultural heart of Ohio. As the home of the largest public university campus in the United States, the city is a well-known focal point for student life and college athletics. It's also the seat of Ohio's state government and home to major private employers. What's more, Columbus is just a short drive from Ohio's most scenic region. If the thought of living in Columbus doesn't excite you, you probably haven't been there.


Columbus Attractions

The single biggest Columbus attraction is undoubtedly the sprawling campus of The Ohio State University. The 1,800-acre expanse impresses visitors with such architecturally significant buildings as Hayes Hall and William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library. It also delights college sports fans who come to see the Buckeyes beat the competition in baseball, basketball, football, tennis, ice hockey, gymnastics and more. Meanwhile, the Capitol building downtown attracts thousands of visitors every year. Columbus Museum of Art and Columbus Symphony Orchestra, among others, round out the city's diverse cultural offerings.


Neighborhoods around Columbus

Settling down with your family? Forest Park is a perfect fit, offering four city parks and scenic tree-lined streets. The German Village and the culturally diverse Discovery district attract artsy types, while the Brewery district is the best choice for bar-hopping singles and students looking to stay close to campus.


Columbus Apartments

Apartment Guide is committed to connecting you with the widest range of attractively priced apartments in the best parts of Columbus. Whether you're looking for a student-friendly, two-bedroom home in a secure building or a family-style townhouse in a gated community, our up-to-date database of apartments in Columbus, Ohio can help you find the best place to live. You can also use our powerful search feature to find apartments with specific attributes. For example, you can customize your search to include Columbus, Ohio apartments with on-site gym facilities, 24-hour security or convenient bike parking spots. With Apartment Guide at your service, you'll have no trouble finding the best apartments in Columbus, Ohio.


Free Things to Do in Columbus

Many of our favorite things to do in Columbus are completely free. Here are our top five picks for fun afternoon activities:


  • Ohio Statehouse: Go on a guided tour of the Ohio Statehouse for the gorgeous architecture and to learn about influential Ohioans such as George Washington Williams.
  • Short North Arts District: Stroll through the Short North Arts District to see the area's best public art and to check out more than a dozen galleries.
  • James Thurber Home: Head to the childhood home of cartoonist and author James Thurber to satisfy both the history buff and the bibliophile in you.
  • Browse the Shops: Window-shop at more than 200 retailers at the Easton Town Center, an outdoor shopping mecca just north of downtown.
  • Public Market: Get a feel for the local flavor at North Market, the city's only public market. You'll enjoy the smell of freshly made international foods while you peruse gourmet groceries, artisanal gifts and handcrafted housewares.


Activities for Families in Columbus, OH

If the little ones in your life love animals, drive north of downtown to Columbus Zoo or spend the day at the Center of Science and Industry to get an up-close view of a T. rex skeleton. We also recommend checking out the kid-friendly things to do at one of the nearly two dozen Columbus Metropolitan Library locations.


Columbus Natural Beauty

Columbus is known for the winding jogging and biking trails lining its riverfront and stretching into the gently rolling suburban neighborhoods surrounding the city. Nearby Slate Run Metropark and Alley Park boast picture-perfect picnicking spots. Further afield, the rugged hills to the south and east of town delight hikers, mountain bikers and rock climbers with their seemingly endless nooks and crannies. Popular protected areas in this region include Hocking State Forest and Lake Logan State Park. Don't miss the Scioto Mile, a 175-acre riverside area, with its bike paths, walkways, playgrounds, and Bicentennial Park's famous whimsical fountain.


Weekend Getaways from Columbus

When you feel like taking a family road trip, head an hour west to Dayton, the birthplace of aviation, or explore the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, a 2.5-hour drive northeast of Columbus.