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Mount Olive College, NC

Mount Olive College is a private, liberal arts school that was founded in 1951 and has continued to expand and develop over the past 60 years. Affiliated with the Original Free Will Baptist Convention of North Carolina, Mount Olive aims to extend student living that will “provide our students a high quality education rooted in the liberal arts and strengthened by Christian values, enrich and support the ministries of our founding church, and [offer] beneficial services to each community in which we are located.” At present, the school is settled in the community of Mount Olive, North Carolina, a town of about 4,500 residents that offers a variety of options for student housing. The Mount Olive College campus is located adjacent to the downtown area, which supports the community with a number of restaurants, local businesses and off campus housing that accommodates some of the approximately 4,500 students who enroll at the college.

With its enrollment steadily increasing, Mount Olive College is one of the fastest growing liberal arts colleges in the Tar Heel State, and now offers an average classroom size of about 20 students. The college offers a wide variety of academic specialities that are offered through the School of Arts and Sciences, the Tillman School of Business, the School of Professional Studies, and the School of Special Programs. Currently, about 700 traditional students participate in student living at Mount Olive, as well as about 3,800 working adults and continuing education students.

Those who opt to rent a college apartment in Mount Olive benefit from a unique community in the coastal plains of central North Carolina. The town is known for its pickle harvests, owing to the presence of the Mt. Olive Pickle Company. Students with off campus housing are invited to participate in the annual Mount Olive Pickle Festival each April, as well as the traditional New Years Eve event, in which the company celebrates by dropping a three-foot pickle down a flagpole to ring in the new year.

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