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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About Lake Hopatcong

I love very close to a gym and a Walmart and about 4 or 5 restaurants are all in walking distance. So it is very ideal

My neighborhood is well established and we don't have too much trouble here. Also, as I stated before, we have had the same neighbors for many years and that makes me feel safe and looked after. We have pretty good schools here and there is lots of restaurants and shopping nearby but you do need a car to get to them, or at least a bicycle.

We live in a 30-year-old neighborhood that has continued to be well maintained and safe. It's close to our local university and many restaurants and shops. The neighbors in our area tend to have younger children.

It's a good area it's higher class neighborhood than others it's well known for safety I know this very well and do so willing to provide the best for my neighbors

I like going to the park and to school because we can play what we really like, like soccer ,basketball or in the playground

My neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful and convenience stores are about a mile walk with a relaxing path as well. In my neighborhood, I prefer prefer just driving around and having fun with my family and friends while also making sure that any children outside don't run into the street

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