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Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ

There may be nothing like attending a massive university that is full of wonderful academic offerings, a diverse student body, dedicated professors and more all surrounded by a large, scenic campus. If a student living in New Jersey has dreamed of a larger-than-life college experience, they may want to consider attending Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in the town of Madison, which is the biggest independent institution in the state.

More than 12,000 participate in the wide selection of graduate and undergraduate studies, whether they choose to stay in off campus housing, a college apartment, try classes online or study abroad through the school. Out of the dozens of majors provided to co-eds by FDU, some include public administration, psychology, biochemistry and computer science. Students are encouraged to work toward their bachelor's, master's or doctorate degrees while attending FDU.

Alongside studying, most students choose to participate in the extracurriculars which enrich their time at the institution and help them bond with their peers. Some will help out at the various art galleries on campus and in town, while other choose to compete in the NCAA Division III sports teams, including women's tennis and softball or men's swimming and basketball.

Many co-eds tend to leave their student apartment behind on the weekend and head to some of the bigger cities nearby for a night out on the town. New York City can be easily accessed from FDU, so students can continue learning by visiting the wealth of museums or simply grab a drink with friends at the newest, trendiest nightclub.

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