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Edison, NJ

If a city with a strong economy, a lower than average crime rate, historic attractions and a variety of recreational activities appeals to you, then you should definitely rent an apartment in Edison, New Jersey.

If you're renting an Edison apartment because you or someone in your family will be looking for a job in the Edison area, you've picked a good place. The industrial sector in Edison is a big factor in the city's economy. In fact, Raritan Center in Edison is New Jersey's largest industrial park. Major companies based in Edison, such as Ford Motor Co., The New York Times, United Parcel Service, Etienne Aigner, Revlon Research Center and others, provide many jobs to residents.

Whether you've been searching for an Edison apartment for a while or not, you probably already know that the city is named after the famous inventor, Thomas Edison. However, you might not know the full history of the man who held 1,093 patents by the time he died in 1931. Visit the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park to learn about his work in telegraphy, telephony, electric power generation, lighting, sound recording, motion pictures and a lot more. There's also an Art Deco Edison Memorial Tower next to the museum.

Another point of interest not far from your apartment in Edison is the Dismal Swamp. The name doesn't sound so appealing, but these freshwater wetlands, forests and meadows are naturally beautiful and provide a home to more than 175 species of birds, including some threatened or endangered species. You can bird watch and look for other wildlife as you hike along paths that run through the swamp.

We've only covered a few of the many interesting things to do in Edison, but that's okay, because you'll be living there soon enough, right? Find the perfect Edison apartment for you today on ApartmentGuide.com.