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Sloan, NV

Located just on the edge of Las Vegas but just out of the way enough for apartment residents to get an uninterrupted view of the starry night sky, Sloan is a blissfully rural community in southern Nevada.

Those who rent apartments in Sloan often do so to escape from the bright city lights of the city. They can easily do so in Sloan, which offers fresh, open-air living with incredible views of the desert landscape. At the same time, the community is right off the Las Vegas Freeway, giving local apartment resident easy access to the city should they ever desire an urban excursion.

Nature is certainly one of Sloan's most endearing aspects, though there's plenty more to enjoy besides the community's broad, undeveloped terrain. Sloan is also the site of a number of renowned and well-preserved petroglyphs. These incredible archeological artifacts - essentially, carvings in the side of a mountain or rock wall - are relics of a time well before recorded history. Petroglyphs are considered to be artistic engravings or images carved into stone by prehistoric peoples, and the artifacts at Sloan are particularly popular among apartment residents for having weathered more than 2,000 years of history.

The Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area is a great place to start one's interaction with history, as it is home to roughly 318 rock art panels. The site also features numerous trails and routes designed to get Sloan apartment residents up close and personal with the carvings, which are believed to be the communications of early hunters and which are still considered sacred to local Native Americans.

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