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Weatherby Lake, MO

Some of the most compelling reasons to move to an apartment in the Kansas City metro area are the man-made attractions that now stand in and around the major Mid-Western city. The downtown Kansas City skyline as a marvelous sight for those who are lucky enough to catch it from the right vantage point, and the architecture at the famous County Club Plaza and Nelson Atkins Museum have been captivating residents for years. But the man-made attraction mostly enjoyed by those who rent apartments in Weatherby Lake, Missouri, offers a different type of appeal: it's Weatherby Lake, itself. When the area where Weatherby Lake apartments now stand was first deeded and developed, residents weren't lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful body of water that today draws tourists from all over. Instead, they were treated to a trickle that they called Rush Creek. These settlers in the early 1800s, who came from North Carolina and Virginia, went to great lengths to plant orchards of apples, peaches, cherries, corn and tobacco. But the great recreation site that current renters with Weatherby Lake apartments relish was nowhere to be found. Only in 1937, when developers completed construction of a dam, was the 274-acre Weatherby Lake created. Since that day, those renting apartments in Weatherby Lake have been able to fish, swim or go boating whenever the sun shines down on their town. Today, those with Weatherby Lake apartments have the luxury of their backyard lake, as well as the glamour of nearby Kansas City. Explore apartments for rent in the Weatherby Lake neighborhood of Kansas City, MO. ApartmentGuide.com offers listings of Weatherby Lake apartments, photos, floorplans, maps and neighborhood information.