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Blue Mountain College, MS

For more than 135 years, Blue Mountain College has been one of the most well-respected institutions of higher learning in the deep south. Situated in northeastern Mississippi, the small school provides students with a diverse and compelling academic regimen that meshes perfectly with the enriching university living experience of the student community.

Blue Mountain College was founded in 1873 and it was originally an all-women's school. In fact, it stayed that way until 2005 when the school decided to begin admitting men, and around a quarter of the students today are male.

In addition to a long and storied history, Blue Mountain College also offers a rigorous academic experience that leaves every student prepared for when they enter the professional world. The college also has a wide variety of areas of study to choose from, whether students want to study in the Department of Education, Department of Fine Arts and Speech or Department of Business. Furthermore, with a student population of around 450, each student gets plenty of individual attention whether they live in a college apartment or off-campus housing.

While there may be a significant emphasis on the importance of academics, there is much more to the Blue Mountain College experience than that. There are many student activities to choose from, and despite its small size, BMC offers a number of varsity sports programs ranging from baseball to golf to women's basketball.

BMC is located in the small town of Blue Mountain, Mississippi, and students looking to get off campus can visit the nearby city of Tupelo, which has a number of attractions. Students can check out famous Civil War battlefields or the famous Tupelo Automobile Museum, one of the biggest in the country.

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