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Hillsdale College, MI

Hillsdale College is a small liberal arts school located in southern Michigan, known for its rigorous academics and its influence in politics. Founded in 1844, the college became the first American educational institution to prohibit discrimination based on race, religion or sex in its charter. Shortly after its establishment, the college emerged as a leader in the abolitionist movement, and immediately began admitting African Americans for student living. Nearly 170 years later, Hillsdale continues to shape its presence in the political realm, especially as a leader of American conservatism. Undergraduates are invited to student housing on campus and in the surrounding community of Hillsdale, Michigan when they enroll at the college. The small town offers students attractive neighborhoods for off campus housing, within walking distance of the downtown area, as well as Winona Lake and Barber Lake.

Students at Hillsdale College are offered a wide variety of liberal arts majors, several pre-professional programs, a teacher education program and a journalism certificate. Student living at Hillsdale is made unique by the school's curriculum, which is based on teachings of the Western heritage, as a product of Greco-Roman culture and Judeo-Christian religion. The institution is also one of the few non-military colleges that requires students of every major to study the U.S. Constitution.

Currently, about 1,400 undergraduates enroll at Hillsdale College, though the school plans to begin offering a Ph.D. and Master's program in Politics beginning in the fall of 2012. Hillsdale's first graduate program, called the "Graduate School of Statesmanship," will focus on the theory and practice of government, and will bring postgraduates to student housing for the first time. Forbes Magazine ranked Hillsdale College 60th in the nation in it's 2011 report of the country's best colleges.

By renting a college apartment, students are positioned near local attractions like Oakley's Diner, Great Wall, and the Hunt Club.

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