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Alma College, borrowing its name from its hometown of Alma, Michigan, is a small college that has offered student living in the area since 1886, when it was founded by Michigan Presbyterians. In the interceding years, the institution has matured into a liberal arts college that offers an abundance of educational opportunities and comfortable student housing to its approximately 1,400 enrolled students. The school's unique academic calendar encourages students to study abroad and accept research and internship opportunities during an intensive 4-week spring term. These possibilities help to integrate students into the Alma community, with which the college shares a deeply-rooted Scottish Tradition, and where many students elect to rent off campus housing. The small town setting - Alma counts fewer than 10,000 residents - makes for a manageable setting for students to advance their academic careers.

Those with Alma College student housing many enroll in any of 28 majors, which culminate in either of Bachelor's of Arts, Bachelor's of Science, Bachelor's of Music, or Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree. Recently, the most popular majors have been business administration, biology, psychology, exercise and health science and education. Student living at Alma is distinguished by the school's small size, which gives students the opportunity to work personally with scholars in their field as they complete a senior thesis or project in the arts. In fact, more than one-third of students participate in at least one theater, dance or musical performance each year.

Students who rent a college apartment can take part in the Scottish celebrations sponsored both by the college and the community. The school parades its heritage with a Kilt-clad marching band and Highlands dance troupes. The town celebrates with an annual Highland Festival over Memorial Day weekend, which features dancing, bagpipes, food and drink.

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