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Bowdoin College, ME

For well over two centuries, Bowdoin College has been one of the most well-respected educational institutions in the United States. Often considered among the top 10 liberal arts colleges in the country, the Northeastern school boasts a rich academic tradition combined with a diverse university living experience.

Bowdoin's history dates back to 1794, and was chartered when Maine was still part of Massachusetts. Despite its early beginnings, it wasn't until the 1900s when it started to resemble the institution that it is today. In the 1970s, it expanded from being an all men's college to admitting women and has since developed into an especially modern college.

While it may have changed since its beginnings centuries ago, Bowdoin still maintains a high level of academic integrity. Though most of its programs are among the best in the country, the school's Government and Legal Studies Department. Majors in the department are regularly the most popular for graduating seniors and with a number of prominent professors, it's easy to see why. Bowdoin also offers a well-respected art history program.

Student living at Bowdoin extends well beyond academics. In particular, there are a wide variety of activities including the student-run newspaper, the Bowdoin Orient, which is the longest-running college weekly in the country. Additionally, the school has a wide variety of sports teams including successful men's and women's hockey programs.

Bowdoin's location in Brunswick, Maine, provides students who live in off-campus apartments plenty of opportunities to enjoy their college experience as well. The mid-size coastal town has plenty to offer including museums, entertainment and a aura of quaint Maine life.

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