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Mid Continent University, KY

With an ideal location in the western corner of Kentucky, Mid-Continent University has become one of the more well-known four-year Christian colleges in the state. Since it was founded more than 60 years ago, the school has grown by leaps and bounds, and now offers a diverse college experience to each student living on campus.

The greatest advantage offered by Mid-Continent University is its flexibility. There are a number of programs to suit the needs of virtually everyone. For starters, students can go the traditional route of a four-year education on campus. From university housing, they can earn 11 different  bachelor's degrees in arts, sciences or ministry.

However, if traditional, four-year college does not fit a student's needs, there are several other options. Specifically, they can go the accelerated degree route, which are offered one night a week both on and off campus. Additionally, students can also select the online degree option, which offers the greatest flexibility of all.

If students elect to go the online route, they are missing out on an exciting student living opportunity on campus. Mid-Continent University is home to a number of thriving athletic programs that compete in the National Christian College Athletic Association. Students can choose everything from coed cheerleading to baseball to men's and women's basketball.

The school's location in Mayfield, Kentucky, is also ideal for students, whether they live in an off-campus apartment or university housing. The mid-size town is the quintessential spot for quaint southern living but still offers plenty of recreational opportunities including performing arts, golf courses and local parks.

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