Apartments for rent in Lawrence, KS

3100 Ousdahl Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66046
1 Bed$875+
2 Beds$510+
3 Beds$455+
4 Beds$420+
Current Rent Specials
(785) 370-0838

5401 Rock Chalk Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66044
1 Bed$645+
2 Beds$845+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 2 days ago
(785) 371-2456


2500 W 6th St, Lawrence, Kansas 66049
2 Beds$660+5 units left
3 Beds$7995 units left
Current Rent Specials
(785) 371-4349

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1809 Birdie Lane, Lawrence, Kansas 66049
1 Bed$1,190+
2 Beds$1,390+
3 Beds$1,710
Current Rent Specials
(785) 727-7646

5125 Overland Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66049
(3 Ratings)
1 Bed$750+
2 Beds$1,045+Only 2 units left
3 Beds$1,350+
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Top Rated
(785) 727-4191

1301 W 24th Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66046
Pet Friendly
1 Bed$839+
2 Beds$470+
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Updated 4 days ago
(785) 727-1372

3700 Clinton Parkway, Lawrence, Kansas 66047
1 Bed$744+
2 Beds$837+
Current Rent Specials
(785) 727-2611

1501 George Williams Way, Lawrence, Kansas 66047
1 Bed$740+
2 Beds$900+
3 Beds$1,245+
4 Beds$1,455+
Current Rent Specials
(785) 727-1079

700 Comet Lane, Lawrence, Kansas 66049
1 Bed$745+
2 Beds$860
3 Beds$1,060Only 1 unit left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 2 days ago
(785) 371-0277

1942 Stewart Ave, Lawrence, Kansas 66046
Current Rent Specials
(785) 371-0276

4501 Wimbledon Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66047
(33 Ratings)
3 Beds$1,080
4 Beds$1,200
Current Rent Specials
Top RatedFeatured
(785) 727-2627

Sunset Hills

2601 Dover Square, Lawrence, Kansas 66049
1 Bed$660+
2 Beds$745+
3 Beds$835+Only 1 unit left
Current Rent Specials
(785) 727-2604

2411 Louisiana Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66046
1 BedPlease Call
2 Beds$750+5 units left
3 Beds$1,065+Only 1 unit left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 20 hours ago
(785) 727-2954

4641 West 6th Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66049
1 Bed$700
Current Rent Specials
Updated 14 days ago
(785) 727-1802

2401 West 25th Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66047
1 Bed$575+
2 Beds$655+
3 Beds$950+
Current Rent Specials
(785) 727-2608

5000 Clinton Parkway, Lawrence, Kansas 66047
2 Beds$880+
3 Beds$1,025Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
(785) 246-5118

625 Folks Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66049
2 Beds$1,020+
Current Rent Specials
(785) 727-2594

1421 West Seventh Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66049
2 Beds$759+
3 Beds$1,137+Only 3 units left
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 15 hours ago
(785) 371-2381

2001 W. 6th St., Lawrence, Kansas 66044
3 Beds$955+
Current Rent Specials
(785) 727-2634

2111 Kasold Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66047
(1 Ratings)
Current Rent Specials
Top Rated
(785) 727-2577
All about

Lawrence, KS

Situated about a 45-minute drive west of Kansas City and a 30-minute drive east of Topeka, any Lawrence apartment you rent will be in a great location. Lawrence has its own charm and amenities, and there are several local museums and many historical attractions, as well as opportunities for exercise and outdoor recreation. However, when you're looking for a change of scenery, you're close enough for a day trip to Kansas City and Topeka.

At first, the closest thing to art you admire in Lawrence might be the new paint you just added to the walls of your Lawrence apartment. Take a break from the paintbrush and head to the Spencer Museum of Art on the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence. You'll find close to 36,000 works of art from different time periods and various parts of the world. And you never know, all of this art might just inspire you to get a little creative when decorating your Lawrence apartment.

Since you're renting an apartment in Lawrence, you're probably planning to stay a while. Therefore, you should learn a few things about the history of this town that you'll soon call home. Consider starting with the Watkins Community Museum of History where you can learn about the city's pioneer roots, its significance in the Civil War and more. A couple of blocks from downtown, take a self-guided tour of Old West Lawrence, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Be adventurous and take a scenic ride on the Midland Railway, originally built in 1867 and currently running on vintage railway equipment.

When you're finished unpacking, decorating your new Lawrence apartment and learning the history of the community, there are many outdoor recreational activities to enjoy. There are trails to hike and bike, parks to camp in and beaches to relax on Ð all around a lake that's three miles south of Lawrence. You can go swimming, boating or fishing in the lake's more than 7,000 acres of water.

Experience all that Lawrence and its nearby cities have to offer, and then go home to an apartment you love. Find the best Lawrence apartments today on