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Iowa Wesleyan College, IA

Iowa Wesleyan College in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, is a four-year liberal arts college that was founded in 1842 by the early pioneers who settled in the Iowa Territory. The original building where the first classes were held still stands today as Pioneer Hall. Students are still welcomed to pursue their education in the original fields of study - Natural Sciences, Languages and Literature, and Mathematics. Now the college boasts degrees in Business, Education, Fine Arts, Human Studies and Nursing as well.

The college places emphasis on preparing its students for a rapidly changing global environment. IWC is also affiliated with the Methodist Church, and students can expect the social justice, human welfare and spiritual values of the Christian sect to play a role in their education. The campus is located in a rural area just outside Mount Pleasant, Iowa, which gives enrollees the chance to enjoy a peaceful setting perfect for studying. Those who choose to forego university housing will have a number of college housing options in Mount Pleasant.

Mount Pleasant offers plenty for students to do when they are not studying or attending classes. Students are required to pursue internships and get firsthand looks at their prospective job market to earn their degrees, and there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to find the perfect place right in Mount Pleasant to earn credits and gain experience in their field. They might even wind up getting a job in the area and turn their student apartment into a permanent home.

The town has a number of different parks and other outdoor facilities where outdoor enthusiasts can stretch their legs and play in between classes and internships. Des Moines is a short two-and-a-half hour drive from the campus, making an excellent destination for weekend trips as well.

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