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Michigan City, IN

Edgewood is a neighborhood in western Michigan City. Apartments for rent in this neighborhood offer a peaceful alternative to Michigan City. Nearby neighborhoods include Duneland Beach and Trail Creek.

Edgewood Attractions

Michigan City's Edgewood provides activities and attractions for residents of all ages. For general outdoor activities, Gardena Playground and Adams Park are both close to the neighborhood. Michigan City sits on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, so water sports are available on the lake shore. Washington Park and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore provide some of the recreational zones on Lake Michigan. The Old Michigan City Light, one of the few lighthouses in Indiana, is in the harbor. Edgewood is less than 60 miles from the city of Chicago, and the Chicago skyline over Lake Michigan is actually visible on clear days.

Edgewood Climate

Edgewood residents experience some extreme weather. Annual snowfall averages exceed 70 inches, and there are three winter months with an average temperature below freezing. Lake effect snow off of Lake Michigan is largely responsible for the harsh winters. Summer is hot and humid, and the weather is suitable for enjoying the beach. Fall and spring months are marked by generally pleasant weather.

Edgewood Aparments

Finding apartments in Michigan City's Edgewood is easy with Apartment Guide's useful search tools. User searches can be narrowed by selecting a price range, pet friendliness, location, amenities and more. Edgewood, Michigan City, IN, apartment rentals have the perfect community to suit any resident. Michigan City Area Schools offers grade school education for Edgewood. The Michigan City Department of Water Works provides water services to this neighborhood and the surrounding areas.