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2320 North Vermilion Street, Danville, Illinois 61832
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Updated 6 days ago
(217) 443-4331

2730 Townway Road, Danville, Illinois 61832
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Updated 5 days ago
(217) 442-3500

1210 North Griffin Street, Danville, Illinois 61832
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(217) 446-1110
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16 Shady Lane, Danville, Illinois 61832
4 Beds$1,100Only 1 unit left
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Updated 4 days ago
(217) 372-5853

428 West Lake Boulevard, Danville, Illinois 61832
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(217) 446-1110
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Lakeview College of Nursing, IL

Lakeview College of Nursing, which got its start as a hospital based school of four students in 1894, has grown steadily throughout the past century to meet the increasing demand for trained professionals in the field of nursing. Today, students from a variety of backgrounds enter the school to pursue a four-year degree. In addition to providing training and student housing at its original campus in Danville, Illinois, Lakeview College of Nursing has spread to a second location in Charleston, Illinois. A college apartment in these areas often helps students achieve their career goals by providing a place to organize, to relax and to engage with the wider community.

Despite the school’s long history, Lakeview continues to expand and develop to best accommodate student living. Within the past four years, two additional classrooms and a student center were added to the Danville Campus, while a new building on West Lincoln Avenue was purchased to provide the Charleston Campus with a nursing arts lab, faculty offices and an auxiliary classroom. As those in student housing work toward a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree, they are offered opportunities to work in a variety of hospitals, clinics and health care agencies in their community.

As students spend much of their training within their community, many prefer to rent a college apartment in the area. Off campus housing near the Lakeview College of Nursing is available along Lincoln Park in Danville, and in convenient areas that ease the experience of student living.

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