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Student living in Jacksonville, Illinois, home to the historic Illinois College, gives students the luxury of studying in a small, tranquil community, with the excitement of that state’s capital city buzzing on the horizon. Located in central Illinois, the liberal arts school was founded in 1829, and soon became the first institution of higher learning to grant a degree in the state of Illinois. The college was established by a group of students from Yale University who traveled west to found new schools. Since these early days, student living at Illinois College has gone from insular to cosmopolitan, and the school continues to invite young scholars from around the world to study and live in its student housing.

A liberal arts institution, Illinois College offers its students a broad curriculum that features many traditional upper-level disciplines. Notably, the school participates in successful Intercultural Exchange program with Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. Every year, about 25 Japanese students arrive at Illinois College to study and live in student housing for four weeks. Likewise, Illinois College students are invited to spend a month in Japan, before returning to their on- or off-campus housing at the college.

A college apartment in Jacksonville allows students to engage with the city’s cultural attractions and local charms. Much of the off campus housing near Illinois College is scattered to the north of I-72, which is laden with bars, restaurants and shops that support student living. Moreover, the city’s offerings include the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, the Jacksonville Theater Guild and the Art Association of Jacksonville.

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