Apartments for rent in Boise, ID

Northwest Boise City

8448 W Limelight St, Boise, Idaho 83714
2 Beds$1,350+
3 Beds$1,450+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 3 days ago
(844) 230-9009

Northwest Boise City

7570 W State St., Boise, Idaho 83714
(3 Ratings)
1 Bed$825+
2 Beds$1,025+
3 Beds$1,300+
4 Beds$1,550+
Current Rent Specials
(844) 395-2143

1334 North Liberty Street, Boise, Idaho 83704
(2 Ratings)
1 Bed$725
2 Beds$805+
3 Beds$990
Current Rent Specials
(208) 629-5792

Southeast Boise

501 E Parkcenter Blvd, Boise, Idaho 83706
1 Bed$1,150+
2 Beds$1,595+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 8 days ago
(208) 957-5720

Lake Harbor

3304 N LAKEHARBOR LN, Boise, Idaho 83703
1 Bed$1,015+
2 Beds$950+Only 1 unit left
3 Beds$1,100+4 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 16 hours ago
(208) 350-6136

5122 West Stoker Lane, Boise, Idaho 83703
Pet Friendly
1 Bed$818+4 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 2 days ago
(855) 363-2697

Downtown Boise City

401 S 5th Street, Boise, Idaho 83702
1 Bed$1,250+
2 Beds$1,450+
Current Rent Specials
(208) 488-4461

6240 North Park Meadow Way, Boise, Idaho 83713
1 Bed$855+
2 Beds$1,025+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 3 days ago
(208) 639-2287


485 East 50th Street, Boise, Idaho 83714
2 Beds$1,045+Only 1 unit left
Current Rent Specials
(208) 576-6429

Southeast Boise

3960 S Federal Way, Boise, Idaho 83716
2 Beds$1,032+
3 Beds$1,272+
Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(208) 297-6915

8519 W. Fairview Ave, Boise, Idaho 83704
1 Bed$840+
2 Beds$945+
3 Beds$1,034+
Current Rent Specials
(208) 297-7825

Central Bench

4703 Kootenai St # 39b, Boise, Idaho 83705
1 Bed$725+
2 Beds$750+
Current Rent Specials
(844) 341-3510

Veterans Park

365 North Whitewater Park Apartments, Boise, Idaho 83702
Pet Friendly
(170 Ratings)
1 Bed$1,171+
3 Beds$1,543+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 2 hours ago
(208) 297-7473

1105 North Liberty Street, Boise, Idaho 83704
1 Bed$864+
2 Beds$960+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 9 days ago
(208) 514-3070

Downtown Boise City

1161 W Main Street, Boise, Idaho 83702
StudioPlease Call
1 Bed$1,650+Only 1 unit left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 6 days ago
(208) 297-6053

Southeast Boise

529 Rossi Street, Boise, Idaho 83706
1 Bed$689+
3 Beds$429+
Current Rent Specials
(208) 514-3708

985 North Maple Grove, Boise, Idaho 83704
(9 Ratings)
2 Beds$1,137+Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 2 hours ago
(208) 629-5321

1004 W Royal Blvd, Boise, Idaho 83706
(2 Ratings)
2 Beds$640+
4 Beds$560+
Current Rent Specials
(208) 957-5578

Downtown Boise City

1401 W Idaho St, Boise, Idaho 83702
Studio$1,950+Only 1 unit left
1 Bed$1,300+Only 1 unit left
2 Beds$1,525Only 1 unit left
3 BedsPlease Call
Current Rent Specials
Updated 3 days ago
(208) 297-6799


6200 River Pointe Drive, Boise, Idaho 83714
1 Bed$943+5 units left
2 Beds$969+5 units left
3 Beds$1,229+Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 18 hours ago
(844) 218-1298
All about

Boise, ID

Set at the base of the Boise Foothills on the northern edge of the Snake River Plain, Boise is a fast-growing city that boasts an outdoorsy atmosphere and a vibrant economy. As Idaho's capital and largest city, Boise is a focal point for the thinly populated Interior West region and continues to attract thousands of new families each year. Once you set foot in Boise, you'll be looking for an excuse to stay.

Boise Attractions
Boise's stunning physical location is matched by its rich culture. The campus of Boise State University boasts the world-class Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts and routinely hosts some of the performing world's biggest acts. Meanwhile, the Boise Philharmonic and the Boise Discovery Center make Boise a noted center for high culture. The city is also home to the largest concentration of Basque immigrants in the United States. Locals and tourists gravitate to downtown Boise's "Basque Block" for an authentic experience that's difficult to find outside of the culture's Spanish homeland.

Boise Natural Beauty
With abundant sunshine and generally pleasant weather, outdoor activity is a way of life in Boise. The city's riverfront boasts plenty of parkland as well as paved hiking and biking trails. To the north, the Boise National Forest offers world-class rock climbing, backpacking and mountain biking opportunities for adventurous locals. The fast-flowing rivers in the nearby mountains tend to attract white-water rafters and kayakers during the summer months.

Boise Apartments
If you've been here for any length of time, you know that there are hundreds of apartments for rent in Boise Idaho. Of course, selecting the perfect place from this cornucopia of desirable options can be difficult. That's why Apartment Guide offers two useful ways to find apartments in Boise. First, you can get a feel for Boise apartments in general with an intuitive browsing feature that lets you compare prices, rent specials and other features. If you know what you need, you can hop straight to our customized search feature and look for apartments in Boise with specific amenities. If you need a one-bedroom efficiency with an outdoor pool, on-site gym and heated parking, we'll help you find it quickly. Thanks to Apartment Guide, you're never far from apartments for rent in Boise Idaho.