Apartments for rent in Villa Park, CA

1918 E. Van Owen, Orange, California 92867
2 Beds$2,105+7 units available
3 BedsPlease Call
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Updated 2 days ago
(657) 223-2533

El Modena

3138 East Maple Avenue, Suite C, Orange, California 92869
(55 Ratings)
2 Beds$1,387
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Top Rated
(714) 602-4204

El Modena

100 South Seranado Street, Orange, California 92869
1 Bed$1,500+
2 Beds$1,800
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(714) 602-4585
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501 E Katella Avenue, Orange, California 92867
(29 Ratings)
2 Beds$1,999+Only 3 units left
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Updated 2 days ago
(844) 440-0787

260 N Oak St, Orange, California 92867
1 Bed$1,475
2 Beds$1,725+
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(844) 721-4998

235 West Lincoln Avenue, Orange, California 92665
1 Bed$1,525+
2 Beds$1,750+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 8 days ago
(714) 783-9926

The Canyon

1031 N. Pacificenter Drive, Anaheim, California 92806
1 Bed$1,533+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 12 days ago
(714) 804-0105

The Canyon

3530 E La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, California 92806
1 Bed$1,819+4 units left
2 Beds$2,078+5 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 15 hours ago
(657) 230-2423

1635 W. Katella Ave., Orange, California 92867
1 Bed$1,365+
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(714) 602-4364

The Canyon

3070 East Fronterra Street, Anaheim, California 92806
1 Bed$1,430+4 units left
2 Beds$1,830+Only 1 unit left
Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(714) 602-3767

Old Towne

401 West La Veta Avenue, Orange, California 92866
2 Beds$1,795+Only 2 units left
3 Beds$2,445+Only 1 unit left
Current Rent Specials
(714) 587-4218

Cabrillo Park

2414 North Tustin Avenue, Tustin, California 92705
1 Bed$1,550+5 units left
2 Beds$2,050+Only 2 units left
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Updated 5 days ago
(714) 602-3754

East Anaheim

2900 E. Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim, California 92806
1 Bed$1,675+4 units left
2 Beds$1,995+9 units available
Current Rent Specials
Updated 21 hours ago
(714) 410-1017

Anaheim Hills

1265 North Chrisden Street, Anaheim, California 92807
Studio$1,440+Only 2 units left
1 Bed$1,530+4 units left
2 Beds$1,790+4 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(714) 515-3790

5601 East Orangethorpe Avenue, Anaheim, California 92807
Studio$1,485+Only 3 units left
1 Bed$1,599+Only 3 units left
2 Beds$1,899+6 units available
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated 4 days ago
(714) 902-6938

East Anaheim

2965 East Jackson Avenue, Anaheim, California 92806
1 Bed$1,525+Only 2 units left
2 Beds$1,795+Only 2 units left
Current Rent Specials
Updated 5 days ago
(714) 252-4350

Cabrillo Park

2010 E Santa Clara Ave, Santa Ana, California 92705
1 Bed$1,450+
2 Beds$1,825+
Current Rent Specials
Updated 19 hours ago
(657) 232-8782

540 S La Veta Park Cir, Orange, California 92868
1 Bed$1,425+
2 Beds$1,715+
Current Rent Specials
(657) 223-2398

Cabrillo Park

2002 East Santa Clara Avenue, Tustin, California 92705
1 Bed$1,706+
2 Beds$2,176+
3 Beds$2,456+
Current Rent Specials
(714) 955-4318

175 N Feldner Rd, Orange, California 92868
1 Bed$1,556+
2 Beds$1,841+
Coupon & Current Rent Specials
Updated a day ago
(714) 804-0791
All about

Villa Park, CA

Apartment residents in tiny Villa Park are surrounded on all sides by the larger city of Orange, but their community has enough amenities to set it apart from any other in Orange County.

Living in Villa Park is a stark contrast from the urban sights and sounds of surrounding Orange. In fact, there are limited roads and sidewalks in Villa Park, and the few that exist wind their way throughout the entire 2.1-square-mile city, connecting apartment residents by only a handful of quiet, tree-lined byways. These features give Villa Park a distinctively rural feel, which can be a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of greater Orange County. At the same time, those living in Villa Park apartments never feel disconnected from modern times, as the small city provides a wealth of destinations and attractions to keep them busy.

The central Villa Park Towne Centre provides everything apartment renters will need for their banking, shopping or grocery needs. The centre also features a popular spa, cafes and restaurants, giving apartment residents in Villa Park a charming open-air district to visit and meet with neighbors and friends. Residents also head to the centre to get a taste of old-fashioned fudge or malts at one of the district's specialty shops.

Villa Park also hosts a number of annual events to celebrate its unique sense of community. Apartment residents enjoy the games, live music and food at the Villa Park city picnic - held each May - and flock to the Great Inland Boat Parade and Holiday Celebration each December, where "land yachts" of all types travel from the high school to the shopping center in time for holiday festivities.

Looking for apartments in Villa Park? Look no further than to find Villa Park apartments for rent and learn more about this neighborhood.