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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About Stockton

There's a park within walking distance with trees and green lawn, grocery stores are within walking distance,

The big yard. It's quiet and friendly neighbors. There is sidewalk and the park are close by. Shop is also close by.

I like the fact that there's never no chaos in my neighborhood. All the neighbors get along with one another.

One thing I really like is the comradery among us residents here. For example, if a family is going through some financial hardships, neighbors will rally together and put together care packages for them, including groceries, medicines and hygiene products. And for the older residents who have trouble doing normal activities, there is always someone willing to provide yard maintenance for them with no charge.

I like that the neighbors look out for each other and make sure the seniors are well taken-care of. While not really walkable, there are some restaurants and shopping near-by as well as medical facilities.

I like the dead end streets, most of my neighbors, The hospital is near by. Shopping is within driving distance. And the train horn in the early morning.

Who Lives Here

Stockton Demographics


High School










Family Size

2 people


3 people


4 people


5 people


6+ people


Household Income























How expensive is it in Stockton?

Percentage: 3/53/5

Renters gave this area a 3 out of 5 for affordability

Rent Trends

Studio1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds
Jun '24$3149$1299$1625$1725
May '24$3053$1272$1625$1750
Apr '24$2955$1284$1560$1750
Mar '24$2857$1295$1595$1750
Feb '24$2759$1295$1512$1750
Jan '24$2999$1300$1495$1750
Dec '23$3000$1289$1495$1725
Nov '23$2760$1295$1547$1725
Oct '23$3000$1285$1595$1750
Sep '23$3000$1250$1450$1750
Aug '23$3000$1250$1595$1750
Jul '23$3000$1250$1595$1725
Jun '23$3000$1250$1495$1725

*The rent information included in this summary is based on a median calculation of multifamily rental property inventory on Apartment Guide and Rent.com over the past 12-months and is for illustrative purposes only. This information does not constitute a pricing guarantee or financial advice related to the rental market.

Getting Around Stockton

Stockton Transportation

Commute Time

0-15 Mins


15-30 Mins


30-40 Mins


40-60 Mins


60+ Mins


Transportation Scores

Percentage: 5656

Walk Score®



Say 29 of 50 renters

Has Sidewalks


Say 36 of 50 renters

Percentage: 5959

Bike Score®

Bike Friendly


Say 25 of 50 renters

Percentage: 2121

Transit Score®

They Are Located Near Public Transportation


Say 27 of 50 renters

Need A Car


Say 35 of 50 renters

Top Scores: Retail, Pet, Gas

Things To Do In Stockton

Top Score

Retail Shops

4.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

A shopaholic favorite. Stockton has a lot of style.

  1. Few shops per resident
  2. Significantly more shops than average
  3. 75% more shops than areas of a similar size

Pet Services

4/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You'll labra-adore Stockton.

  1. Few pet facilities per resident
  2. Significantly more pet facilities than average
  3. 16% more pet facilities than areas of a similar size

Gas Stations

3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Filling stations in Stockton are at full-throttle!

  1. Few gas stations per resident
  2. Significantly more gas stations than average
  3. 38% more gas stations than areas of a similar size

Grocery Stores

3/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Things are looking up, there's supermarkets to be found 'round here.

  1. Few grocery stores per resident
  2. Significantly more grocery stores than average
  3. 28% more grocery stores than areas of a similar size

Health and Fitness

3/5 stars based on undefined reviews

We'd be gym buddies with Stockton.

  1. Few gyms per resident
  2. Significantly more gyms than average
  3. 21% fewer gyms than areas of a similar size


2.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Not too cold, not too hot. An average town for coffee.

  1. Few coffee shops per resident
  2. Significantly more coffee shops than average
  3. 38% fewer coffee shops than areas of a similar size


2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Stockton serves up a dining scene that's only lukewarm.

  1. Few restaurants per resident
  2. Significantly more restaurants than average
  3. 20% fewer restaurants than areas of a similar size


2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You'll need to stock up the mini-bar. Stockton is running dry.

  1. Few bars and clubs per resident
  2. Significantly more bars and clubs than average
  3. 33% fewer bars and clubs than areas of a similar size


2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Not too many park perks in Stockton.

  1. Few parks per resident
  2. Significantly more parks than average
  3. 69% fewer parks than areas of a similar size

Fine Arts

2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You gotta Van Gogh somewhere else for art.

  1. Few fine art centers per resident
  2. Significantly more fine art centers than average
  3. 81% fewer fine art centers than areas of a similar size

Medical Care

2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

We have a bone to pick with this Stockton's access to medical care.

  1. Few medical facilities per resident
  2. Significantly more medical facilities than average
  3. 39% fewer medical facilities than areas of a similar size

What Renters Are Saying

Stockton Features

Area Has Potholes


Say 41 of 50 renters

Busy Streets


Say 39 of 50 renters

Area Has Litter


Say 39 of 50 renters

Near Grocery Stores


Say 34 of 50 renters

Good Place To Raise A Family


Say 33 of 50 renters

Noise Late At Night


Say 32 of 50 renters

Mostly Older Buildings


Say 30 of 50 renters

Pet Friendly


Say 28 of 50 renters

Safe For Families


Say 28 of 50 renters

Quiet Area


Say 27 of 50 renters

Near Schools


Say 26 of 50 renters

Area Has Kids Play Outside


Say 27 of 50 renters

Nearby Parks


Say 27 of 50 renters

Well Lit


Say 31 of 50 renters

Near Downtown


Say 32 of 50 renters

Maintained Yards


Say 32 of 50 renters

Near Highways


Say 33 of 50 renters

Tree Lined Streets


Say 34 of 50 renters

Mostly Newer Buildings


Say 37 of 50 renters

Nice Views


Say 41 of 50 renters

Stockton Education


Percentage: 3/53/5

School Score

How satisfied do renters feel with the schools in this area.

Top Schools in Stockton

Information provided by GreatSchools. To verify school enrollment eligibility, contact the school district directly.

What You Need to Know

Renter Articles

All About

Living in Stockton, CA


Did you know? Stockton was the first-ever city in California to have a name that did not come from a Spanish or Native American origin. It was named after Commodore Robert F. Stockton who played a central part in the capturing of California while fighting in the Mexican-American War. Prior to the name Stockton, people referred to the city as "Tuleburg," "Gas City" and "Mudville.”

In 2002, Sunset magazine named Stockton one of the best places to live in the United States. With over 100,000 trees, the city was also named one of the best tree cities by Sunset not once but three times!

The natural beauty of the area, as well as the abundance of things to do and close proximity to attractions in other cities, makes Stockton a great place to live. If you’re looking for a new home, you should definitely consider apartments for rent in Stockton.


Stockton is a hidden treasure. It’s a beautiful city with safe neighborhoods, natural beauty and interesting attractions. Some areas of the city have an urban vibe, while others still have a small-town feel to them.

Apartments in Stockton run the gamut from nice and affordable to expensive and luxurious. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in the city for apartment dwellers.

  • Brookside: The middle schools in this area rank #7 in the city. Overall, residents give the Brookside neighborhood an A rating for its schools, teachers and the diversity of the area. The area hugs the Joaquin River, so if you get an apartment on the western side of the neighborhood, you’ll get some pretty great views!
  • Civic Center: Approximately 8,000 people live in this neighborhood, which is made up mostly of renters. Schools in the area rank really well, making it a great place to raise kids. The walkability score in the community is nearly 70, one of the highest on our list.
  • Downtown: About 30 percent of the population is made up of households of up to two people, while the remaining 70 percent is made up of households with up to six residents. The average commute is less than 30 minutes. The walkability score is 56 and the bike score is nearly 60 — making this a great part of the city to explore and run quick errands on foot or bike.
  • Downtown Stockton: Residents say the city has a lot to offer renters in the way of amenities. The walkability and bike scores are both 59. While you’ll likely need a car or public transit for longer commutes, there’s still quite a bit to see and do on foot.
  • Lakeview: The Lakeview area is renter-friendly. While rent here is higher than the national average, it’s lower than downtown Stockton, as well as other cities in California. The neighborhood doesn’t have a high walkability score, so you’ll need access to a vehicle to commute. Thankfully, though, the average commute is less than 20 minutes.
  • Lincoln Village: This neighborhood has the #2 ranking for best place to live in Stockton. Nightlife, diversity and public schools all get high marks. Parents say it’s a great place to raise a family. Residents also say the community is classy and contains many high-end boutiques and restaurants.
  • Pacific: Do you love taking outings to the park? Then, you need an apartment in this neighborhood. There are at least three incredible parks (including Victory Park) where you can play games, workout or just enjoy a slow, leisurely day in nature. Also nearby are multiple medical centers, including St. Joseph’s Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center.
  • Spanos: If you’re looking for a more residential, suburban feel, Spanos is the neighborhood for you. Residents appreciate the safety, well-lit streets and sidewalks that make getting around easy and safe. It’s a dog-friendly neighborhood, too! Nearly 90% of the residents say you’ll need a vehicle to get around, whether for your commute to work or to run errands.
  • Upper Hammer Lane: Residents who live in this neighborhood give it high ratings for affordability. While the average commute is under 30 minutes, residents in the area also appreciate that you can do plenty around the city on foot or bike (walkability score = 65; bike score = 66). Unfortunately, parents in the area aren’t satisfied with the local schools, so if you have or plan to have kids, you might want to consider another neighborhood.
  • Weston Ranch: Do you travel throughout the state for work (or play)? Then, you should consider the Weston Ranch neighborhood which is located just 10 minutes west of the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. The area is also clean, well-maintained and safe. Residents have plenty of sidewalks to get their morning exercise or take an evening stroll after dinner.


Stockton is a busy city of over 309,000 people. The city has plenty of fun activities to keep residents entertained, such as the Children’s Museum, the Discovery Trail and University Park, the Stockton SkatePark and much more. Here are a few of our favorite places to visit in this great city.

  • San Joaquin Asparagus Festival: Explore one of Stockton's most famous festivals. The Asparagus Festival attracts visitors from all over the state and often receives more than 100,000 visitors. Family-friendly and full of entertainment, the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival is a guaranteed great time.
  • Bob Hope Theatre: Spend an evening at the historic Bob Hope Theatre, which hosts a number of different events including Broadway-style theater, film, dance and comedy acts. Enjoy the latest and greatest musical acts California has to offer.
  • Haggin Museum: Located on Pershing Avenue, the Haggin Museum is hailed as one of the "undersung gems of California.” The exhibits are a wonderful collection of both art and history.
  • Little Manila: Once one the most thriving Filipino communities in the United States, Little Manila offers a look into the history of the Filipino population of the United States.
  • University of the Pacific: Located on Pacific Avenue, this campus contains both natural and architectural beauty. The private school is ranked #133 in the nation but even if you don’t want to attend classes here, you can still spend some time exploring the lovely buildings and attend basketball games and concerts.
  • Victory Park: In addition to picnic areas and barbeque pits, Victory Park has an art and history museum. If you’re a music lover, you’ll want to visit the park each Wednesday evening in the summer for their free concert series.
  • Barkleyville Dog Park: Located on Feather River Drive, Barkleyville is the first off-leash dog park in Stockton, with four acres for your furry friends to roam.


Just two hours away is one of the most well-known National Parks in the U.S.: Yosemite. The park is famous for its stunning views and gorgeous wildlife.

An hour and a half away is Lotus, CA, just one of the locations to meet up with friends and family to go white water rafting. All-Outdoors California White Water Rafting has multiple rafting options for all ages and skill levels.

An hour away from Stockton, in Volcano, CA, are the incredible Black Chasm Caverns. Visitors say it is a safe place to visit (hand railings, even steps) and is an experience you won’t soon forget. The caves have an abundance of crystals that are truly awe-inspiring.

If you want to enjoy nature a little closer to home, consider driving 20 minutes to Lodi where you can visit the Japanese Garden in Micke Grove. Or consider driving 30 minutes to Discovery Bay where you can enjoy Captain Morgan’s Delta Adventures, a private cruise that is perfect for parties, family reunions and more.


Finding a new place to live is a stressful experience. Be sure to use an apartment finder like Apartment Guide to help you locate your next rental property. Whether you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment or simply want an affordable place to live, we’ll help you find apartments for rent in Stockton that match your needs.