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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About Santa Ana

There is Nothing unique about my neighborhood. It's just another poor neighborhood. In another crappy city.

My neighborhood is centered to other great neighborhoods which is convenient. although they require a drive, i can get to multiple downtown or old town areas of neighboring cities which is very convenrirnt.

Nothing really I hate it here safe lots of people walking stores close restaurants vacation anywhere

What I like the most about living here is that I am centralized close to everything, 20 minutes from the beach 30 minutes from Disneyland, Knotts, berry, farm, San Diego, Universal Studios, etc.

We can play at eachothers' houses playing osu, genshin impact and fortnite. However, there is no epic games we can go to after we lose our refund limit. I like going to osu utopia

Most of the people in my community are of my same culture so I feel like at home. In addition, my community has a variety of restaurants, grocery stores, and bars.

Who Lives Here

Santa Ana Demographics


High School










Family Size

2 people


3 people


4 people


5 people


6+ people


Household Income























How expensive is it in Santa Ana?

Percentage: 3/53/5

Renters gave this area a 3 out of 5 for affordability

Rent Trends

Studio1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds
Jul '24$2077$2525$3473$4463
Jun '24$2496$2476$3302$4438
May '24$2517$2622$3328$4412
Apr '24$2565$2710$3332$4417
Mar '24$2514$2733$3409$4417
Feb '24$2515$2743$3424$4275
Jan '24$2507$2737$3420$4366
Dec '23$2578$2727$3431$4320
Nov '23$2525$2698$3486$4125
Oct '23$2266$2638$3297$4349
Sep '23$2319$2615$3297$4349
Aug '23$2125$2468$3297$4192
Jul '23$2026$2463$3297$4212

*The rent information included in this summary is based on a median calculation of multifamily rental property inventory on Apartment Guide and Rent.com over the past 12-months and is for illustrative purposes only. This information does not constitute a pricing guarantee or financial advice related to the rental market.

Getting Around Santa Ana

Santa Ana Transportation

Commute Time

0-15 Mins


15-30 Mins


30-40 Mins


40-60 Mins


60+ Mins


Transportation Scores

Percentage: 7171

Walk Score®



Say 49 of 73 renters

Has Sidewalks


Say 57 of 73 renters

Percentage: 6161

Bike Score®

Bike Friendly


Say 47 of 73 renters

Percentage: 4040

Transit Score®

They Are Located Near Public Transportation


Say 40 of 73 renters

Need A Car


Say 41 of 73 renters

Top Scores: Grocery, Restaurant, Retail

Things To Do In Santa Ana

Top Score

Grocery Stores

2.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Not bad on the supermarket score. Santa Ana gets an average rating.

  1. Few grocery stores per resident
  2. Significantly more grocery stores than average
  3. 28% more grocery stores than areas of a similar size


2.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

An average foodie scene: not too cold and not too hot.

  1. Few restaurants per resident
  2. Significantly more restaurants than average
  3. A standard number of restaurants compared to areas of a similar size

Retail Shops

2.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

The shopping scene here is a size medium.

  1. Few shops per resident
  2. Significantly more shops than average
  3. 13% more shops than areas of a similar size

Medical Care

2.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Healthcare in Santa Ana doesn't tip the scales.

  1. Few medical facilities per resident
  2. Significantly more medical facilities than average
  3. 33% fewer medical facilities than areas of a similar size

Gas Stations

2.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

The road is less traveled for filling the tank up in Santa Ana.

  1. Few gas stations per resident
  2. Significantly more gas stations than average
  3. 19% fewer gas stations than areas of a similar size


2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

The coffee scene is lukewarm in Santa Ana.

  1. Few coffee shops per resident
  2. Significantly more coffee shops than average
  3. 34% fewer coffee shops than areas of a similar size


2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You'll need to stock up the mini-bar. Santa Ana is running dry.

  1. Few bars and clubs per resident
  2. Significantly more bars and clubs than average
  3. 68% fewer bars and clubs than areas of a similar size


2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Not too many park perks in Santa Ana.

  1. Few parks per resident
  2. Significantly more parks than average
  3. 46% fewer parks than areas of a similar size

Health and Fitness

2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You'll have to workout somewhere else to keep fit.

  1. Few gyms per resident
  2. Significantly more gyms than average
  3. 49% fewer gyms than areas of a similar size

Pet Services

2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Santa Ana could do with more oppawtunities for pets.

  1. Few pet facilities per resident
  2. Significantly more pet facilities than average
  3. 64% fewer pet facilities than areas of a similar size

Fine Arts

2/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You gotta Van Gogh somewhere else for art.

  1. Few fine art centers per resident
  2. Significantly more fine art centers than average
  3. 24% fewer fine art centers than areas of a similar size

What Renters Are Saying

Santa Ana Features

Area Has Litter


Say 68 of 73 renters

Area Has Potholes


Say 68 of 73 renters

Good Place To Raise A Family


Say 68 of 73 renters

Noise Late At Night


Say 60 of 73 renters

Near Grocery Stores


Say 56 of 73 renters

Near Schools


Say 56 of 73 renters

Mostly Older Buildings


Say 55 of 73 renters

Nearby Parks


Say 53 of 73 renters

Pet Friendly


Say 53 of 73 renters

Safe For Families


Say 51 of 73 renters

Quiet Area


Say 49 of 73 renters

Busy Streets


Say 46 of 73 renters

Maintained Yards


Say 46 of 73 renters

Area Has Kids Play Outside


Say 45 of 73 renters

Near Highways


Say 44 of 73 renters

Tree Lined Streets


Say 41 of 73 renters

Well Lit


Say 38 of 73 renters

Near Downtown


Say 54 of 73 renters

Mostly Newer Buildings


Say 55 of 73 renters

Nice Views


Say 57 of 73 renters

Santa Ana Education


Percentage: 4/54/5

School Score

How satisfied do renters feel with the schools in this area.

Top Schools in Santa Ana

Information provided by GreatSchools. To verify school enrollment eligibility, contact the school district directly.

What You Need to Know

Renter Articles

All About

Living in Santa Ana, CA


Santa Ana has the highest population of any city in Orange County. As the county seat, it is a hub for business and culture. In addition to the city’s historic art district, people in the area often travel to nearby San Juan Capistrano to view the famous migration of the swallows.

Due to its close proximity to businesses, theme parks and beautiful natural resources, it’s not difficult to find apartments for rent in Santa Ana.


Finding an apartment to rent in Santa Ana isn’t just about finding a space with plenty of square footage and walk-in closets. You want to find the best location, the ideal neighborhood for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a short commute, fun nightlife or a great place to raise your kids — we have you covered. These are the top neighborhoods for renters in Santa Ana.

  • Armstrong: Looking for an upscale neighborhood? Consider Armstrong. It is a beautiful area with high-end apartments and homes. Less than half the population have children, so it’s an ideal setting for those looking for quieter neighborhoods. The average commute is nice too at 20 minutes.
  • Bella Vista: Bella Vista is an ideal home to families and commuters. The average commute is 25 minutes, meaning you’ll get some nice alone time at the beginning and end of your day, but you’ll avoid the hassle of spending hours in traffic. With a population of just under 17,000, you’ll experience a nice mix of urban and suburban atmospheres.
  • Cabrillo Park: If you’re interested in apartments for rent in Santa Ana, look no further than Cabrillo Park. You’ll definitely be in good company. Nearly 60 percent of the population rent. This neighborhood is ideal for commuting too with an average commute than 30 minutes.
  • Downtown: For those who are interested in living in a city hub, Downtown Santa Ana is ideal. It’s also great for families — more than half the households have children. Many of the apartment complexes are perfect for families, complete with swimming pools and play areas.
  • Fairhaven: Interested in a smaller community? Fewer than 5,500 people live in the area. And yet, you won’t feel like you’re in the middle or nowhere. You’ll find a wide array of shops and restaurants, as well as parks and coffee shops nearby. Another perk: schools in the area rank above average.
  • Riverview West: Nearly 50,000 people live in Riverview West. So, if you’re the type of person that loves the hustle and bustle of busy city life — this neighborhood may be the best place for you to find apartments for rent in Santa Ana!
  • Sandpointe: Approximately 12,000 people live in Sandpointe. People who live in this neighborhood describe it as clean, safe and calm. There’s always something going on in Sandpointe, so you’ll have plenty of fun activities to engage in on your days off. Plus, those who live here describe their neighbors as incredibly friendly.
  • Santa Anita Park: Residents of Santa Anita give the community high marks for economic and ethnic diversity, as well as the nightlife. The area is renter-friendly and the schools are well above average.
  • South Coast: This area is ideal for people with families, as well as those looking for bustling nightlife. It ranks high in diversity, too. People who live here appreciate the close proximity to freeways and shopping. Many have described the area safe, neat and tidy.
  • Willard: Willard has been described as having a dense, urban feel (88 percent of the population are renters) with plenty of nightlife to recommend it. While the schools here are above average, most people feel it’s a neighborhood that’s best suited to singles and couples. Residents say that the area keeps improving year after year.


Where you choose to live has a lot to do with what you can do in the area. For instance, someone who loves peace and quiet and the great outdoors may choose to live in a different city or neighborhood than someone who loves to go shopping and dancing. Is Santa Ana right for you? Here are some of the top places to visit in this beautiful California city.

  • John Wayne Airport: The primary international airport serving the Orange County and Los Angeles area. If you love to travel, you’ll likely be spending plenty of time in the John Wayne Airport.
  • Santa Ana Zoo: This 12-acre zoo has everything! You can visit the family farm or conservation theater. There are mazes and an exploration outpost. You’ll even find a playground and Ferris wheel. And of course, there are plenty of delightful animals and exotic plants to learn about and observe.
  • Santiago Park: Love taking walks in nature? Then you definitely need to visit Santiago Park. It’s a famous escape from the busy freeways of the city, providing visitors with a lovely walk by the riverbed surrounded by old-growth trees and 1930s stonework.
  • French Park: If you’re a history buff, you’ll love exploring French Park. This neighborhood boasts an abundance of beautiful historic homes. One famous resident was Phillip K. Dick, the "Father of Modern Science Fiction." In addition to the lovely homes, you’ll also find a thriving art scene.
  • Discovery Cube: Located on Main Street in Santa Ana, Discovery Cube provides a hands-on learning experience for kids during summer camp. The goal is to get kids interested in science by piquing their imaginations. They host regular events and have numerous exhibits.
  • Sandpointe Park: This park is a lovely place for family and friends to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Located on Birch Street, it has multiple play areas for kids and basketball courts for anyone looking to shoot some hoops. Whether you want to plan a playdate for your kids or want to take a leisurely stroll at dusk with your significant other, Sandpointe Park is an enjoyable outdoor space within the city.
  • South Coast Plaza: If you’re willing to drive about 20 minutes southwest, you’ll end up in Costa Mesa. Once there, head over to the South Coast Plaza, an exciting hub for dining and shopping. Spend the day browsing the 250 boutiques and trying to choose between the 30 restaurants and their delectable menus.
  • The Plexi Gallery: Not far from Main Street on McArthur Blvd. is The Plexi Gallery is owned by artist Maria Deganis. Besides creating beautiful acrylic masterpieces, she and her business partner also provide custom framing for whatever artwork you fall in love with. Custom art will add personality to any Santa Ana apartment you choose.
  • Orange County Museum of Art: Located on Sunflower Avenue, this museum is a treat for lovers of modern and contemporary artwork. With multiple exhibitions and featured artists in various mediums (paint, sculpture, film, etc.), it will quench your thirst for beautiful, meaningful creations.
  • Marconi Automotive Museum: Take a short 10-minute drive east to Tustin to visit the ultimate museum for car lovers. Home to a $30 million collection of luxury classic, historic and exotic cars, it’s a wonderful exhibit for car enthusiasts. They even offer the option to hold events in the museum, such as weddings and corporate meetings.


The great thing about Southern California is how close everything is. Santa Ana is an ideal hub. You don’t have to travel far to find a beautiful, sunny, white sand beach or to explore museums and art galleries. You can take cooking classes, go beer or cocktail tasting, enjoy live music or take a helicopter ride above the city. Santa Ana can provide enjoyable activities for every taste.


Finding a new place to live is a stressful experience. Be sure to use an apartment finder like Apartment Guide to help you locate your next rental property. Whether you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment or simply want an affordable place to live, we’ll help you find apartments for rent in Santa Ana that match your needs.