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San Diego State University, CA

Today, San Diego State University is the largest institution of learning in its home city, and the fifth largest in California. The school has expanded mightily throughout its history, though it had a sizable head start over other universities in the area. Founded in 1897, SDSU is one of the oldest universities in the Golden State, and has grown to a student body of approximately 30,000, with an alumni base that has surpassed 200,000. When current students decide to rent an apartment near San Diego State University, they not only encounter a school with a celebrated tradition, they also inherit an area of the map that has supported the student lifestyle for years.

Students with a variety of academic interests wind up renting apartments adjacent to the San Diego State University campus. The school awards bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, and offers a total of 151 different fields of study in sixteen academic and research disciplines - research being one of its strengths. Recently, SDSU has been ranked the number 1 most productive research university of its size on the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index.

The influence of San Diego State University goes well past the campus limits. In fact, according to one estimate, one in seven college-educated adults living in San Diego earned their degree from SDSU. Students who rent SDSU apartments are able to get an early taste of living in the exciting coastal city. Aside from stellar academics, the location provides quick routes to the beach and to the downtown hubs that keep the city thriving.

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