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Rancho Dominguez, CA

Sandwiched between the communities of Long Beach and Carson, apartment residents in Rancho Dominguez inhabit a community that has unique ties to California history.

Rancho Dominguez was once a larger settlement that included Compton, Carson and parts of Long Beach. The community got its start as a land grant of 75,000 acres from the King of Spain to a soldier named Juan Jose Dominguez, whom the region was named for. Though parts of the community split off to form other towns, apartment renters in Rancho Dominguez can get a glimpse of the settlement's original grandeur at the Historic Dominguez Rancho Adobe. This 17th-century home was built by Manuel Dominguez, the nephew of Juan Jose, and housed his descendants until 1920.

Today, the home remains standing as a museum and has been named a state landmark for its significance to the region. Apartment residents who visit Rancho Dominguez' notable adobe would also learn of its connection to the U.S.-Mexican War in 1846, when troops fought on its grounds.

Apartment residents in Rancho Dominguez not only take pride in their community's connections to California history, but also to its innate beauty and natural splendor. Stepping outside of their apartments, they can gaze at the blue skies, tree-lined streets, and the rolling terrain of the Dominguez Hills, which also take their name from the land exchange and Spanish soldier that made Rancho Dominguez a notable California destination.

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