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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About Tucson

It's close to stores and it's safe. If anything does go wrong the people rally together to solve the problem. We work together as a team all the community.

Close to bus stop for public transportation. Close to convince store and some restaurants plus pharmacy near by if I need to get there quickly

Our neighborhood has a pool. Its also really just a fun place. I would like going to the pool with my family and friends

it's a corner with a supermarket and some stores. there are some bike trails which are nice. the public transportation is good.

Nothing unique in particular. Some local cousine is within a few miles. A few local park settings are available

We have no crime in our neighborhood, we are about friends and comradery. A nice neighborhood to raise children 'cause we look out for the other persons child when around our property to make sure they are safe. I don't really have a favorite place. I don't care to eat out. We go to places like Village inn.

Who Lives Here

Tucson Demographics


High School










Family Size

2 people


3 people


4 people


5 people


6+ people


Household Income























How expensive is it in Tucson?

Percentage: 3/53/5

Renters gave this area a 3 out of 5 for affordability

Rent Trends

Studio1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds
Jun '24$901$1029$1265$1542
May '24$959$1030$1272$1575
Apr '24$917$1037$1300$1535
Mar '24$865$1030$1296$1520
Feb '24$832$1037$1312$1520
Jan '24$861$1052$1307$1472
Dec '23$922$1049$1320$1465
Nov '23$939$1048$1317$1469
Oct '23$892$1047$1315$1505
Sep '23$824$1049$1329$1535
Aug '23$825$1044$1337$1533
Jul '23$832$1037$1344$1522
Jun '23$760$1039$1328$1512

*The rent information included in this summary is based on a median calculation of multifamily rental property inventory on Apartment Guide and Rent.com over the past 12-months and is for illustrative purposes only. This information does not constitute a pricing guarantee or financial advice related to the rental market.

Getting Around Tucson

Tucson Transportation

Commute Time

0-15 Mins


15-30 Mins


30-40 Mins


40-60 Mins


60+ Mins


Transportation Scores

Percentage: 5151

Walk Score®



Say 126 of 222 renters

Has Sidewalks


Say 133 of 222 renters

Percentage: 7272

Bike Score®

Bike Friendly


Say 126 of 222 renters

Percentage: 4141

Transit Score®

They Are Located Near Public Transportation


Say 129 of 222 renters

Need A Car


Say 150 of 222 renters

Top Scores: Pet, Grocery, Restaurant

Things To Do In Tucson

Top Score

Pet Services

4/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You'll labra-adore Tucson.

  1. A high number of pet facilities per resident
  2. Significantly more pet facilities than average
  3. 48% more pet facilities than areas of a similar size

Grocery Stores

3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Suffice to say, this place is great for groceries.

  1. Few grocery stores per resident
  2. Significantly more grocery stores than average
  3. 22% fewer grocery stores than areas of a similar size


3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Rest assured, you won't go hungry around here.

  1. Few restaurants per resident
  2. Significantly more restaurants than average
  3. A standard number of restaurants compared to areas of a similar size


3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Oh la latte, not a bad spot for getting a cup of joe.

  1. Few coffee shops per resident
  2. Significantly more coffee shops than average
  3. 9% fewer coffee shops than areas of a similar size


3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

The perfect place to paint the town red.

  1. Few bars and clubs per resident
  2. Significantly more bars and clubs than average
  3. 34% fewer bars and clubs than areas of a similar size

Health and Fitness

3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Looking good! Tucson scores high for health and fitness.

  1. Few gyms per resident
  2. Significantly more gyms than average
  3. A standard number of gyms compared to areas of a similar size

Fine Arts

3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Tucson draws a crowd for its fine art.

  1. Few fine art centers per resident
  2. Significantly more fine art centers than average
  3. 34% fewer fine art centers than areas of a similar size

Medical Care

3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You won't get sick of medical care here.

  1. Few medical facilities per resident
  2. Significantly more medical facilities than average
  3. 11% fewer medical facilities than areas of a similar size

Retail Shops

3/5 stars based on undefined reviews

If you love to shop, Tucson is a good fit.

  1. Few shops per resident
  2. Significantly more shops than average
  3. 5% fewer shops than areas of a similar size

Gas Stations

3/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Bumper sticker city. This place is good for filling up.

  1. Few gas stations per resident
  2. Significantly more gas stations than average
  3. 64% fewer gas stations than areas of a similar size


2.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

There's fresh air to be had here.

  1. Few parks per resident
  2. Significantly more parks than average
  3. 56% fewer parks than areas of a similar size

What Renters Are Saying

Tucson Features

Area Has Litter


Say 187 of 222 renters

Noise Late At Night


Say 177 of 222 renters

Near Grocery Stores


Say 168 of 222 renters

Good Place To Raise A Family


Say 164 of 222 renters

Area Has Potholes


Say 154 of 222 renters

Pet Friendly


Say 147 of 222 renters

Busy Streets


Say 139 of 222 renters

Quiet Area


Say 137 of 222 renters

Nearby Parks


Say 133 of 222 renters

Near Schools


Say 126 of 222 renters

Safe For Families


Say 126 of 222 renters

Mostly Older Buildings


Say 121 of 222 renters

Nice Views


Say 125 of 222 renters

Area Has Kids Play Outside


Say 138 of 222 renters

Maintained Yards


Say 142 of 222 renters

Near Highways


Say 165 of 222 renters

Well Lit


Say 167 of 222 renters

Tree Lined Streets


Say 179 of 222 renters

Near Downtown


Say 183 of 222 renters

Mostly Newer Buildings


Say 187 of 222 renters

Tucson Education


Percentage: 3/53/5

School Score

How satisfied do renters feel with the schools in this area.

Top Schools in Tucson

Information provided by GreatSchools. To verify school enrollment eligibility, contact the school district directly.

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Getting to Know Tucson, AZ

The brilliant sunsets over Tucson are a perfect introduction to this desert city. Originally a Spanish possession, this jewel in southern Arizona has much to offer. The University of Arizona is a world-class institution and close to downtown. Tucson is also a biker's and runner's paradise, with trails galore, and a near-perfect climate that makes it easy to get outdoors most days. Thanks to its location on a plain in the Sonoran Desert and the surrounding mountains, this Sun Belt city experiences hot summers, low humidity, mild winters and an abundance of sunshine.

Tucson, AZ Attractions

Living in Tucson affords you a wealth of exciting attractions waiting to be explored. Discover the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which includes a zoo and botanical garden. For a taste of the area's Spanish heritage, visit the Jesuit mission San Xavier del Bac, originally built in 1692. The Center for Creative Photography and Titan Missile Museum offer interesting exhibits on their specific subjects. Adventurous residents can tour Biosphere 2, a research facility originally used to study closed ecological systems. 

Tucson is a mid-size city with big-city amenities, including a vibrant arts and music scene. Linger inside the University of Arizona Museum of Art viewing works by European and American artists, catch a Broadway-style show at the Temple of Music and Art or listen to masterworks at a Tucson Symphony Orchestra performance.

Tucson Apartments and Neighborhoods

  • Downtown: Downtown is the center of everything in Tucson. You'll find museums and other areas of historical interest, alongside the usual collection of shops and restaurants you find in any downtown. It's close to everything, and when you don't feel like walking, there's the relatively new streetcar to help you get around. 
  • Sam Hughes: Sam Hughes is a strange mix of places that just might be perfect for you. Houses built around 1900 sit on quiet streets, walking distance from shopping and other hustle and bustle of the city. It's also close to University of Arizona, giving it a vibrant, college town feel as well. 
  • Civano: Like an area that's walkable? That was one of the main motivations in the design of Civano. Walking friendly and featuring a number of shops and cafes, it's the place to go if any of that is on your list of must-haves. 
  • Catalina Foothills: With great schools and some distance from downtown, this is a great place for families. It's a little on the expensive side, but with the view of the Santa Catalina Mountains, it's worth it. 
  • Eastside: Like hiking or just spending time outside? Eastside is great for that, with hiking trails, grass fields, and even a garden to keep any nature lover satisfied. 

Fun Things to Do in Tucson

When tracking down the right apartment, consider the proximity to annual fairs and festivals. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and the Tucson Festival of Books are both wildly popular. The Tucson Folk Festival takes place each May, and the annual Tucson Rodeo induces even reluctant cowboys to celebrate the spirit of the Wild West. Certain apartments in Tucson, AZ are even located along the rodeo parade route.

If you're looking to do something that doesn't cost money, head to Santa Cruz River Park to stroll along the dry riverbed or to visit the Thursday Farmers Market.

For Families with Kids in Tucson

Parents looking for entertaining, family focused activities can plan a day at Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, an interactive museum of tiny houses and figurines, or gaze at the stars at Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium on the University of Arizona campus. For parents reviewing their kids' options for schooling, Tucson offers a mix of public and charter schools, including 9 high schools, 25 traditional and middle schools and nearly 70 elementary schools.

Tucson's Outdoor Living and Natural Beauty

No matter where you live in Tucson, you'll have a view of the mountains in every direction, 350-plus days of sunshine, vivid sunsets and wide-open spaces. Tucson's weather can best be embraced at one of the nearby parks. Here are our picks for the best places to hike in Tucson:

  • Tucson Mountain Park: From beginner to lung-busting trails, this 20,000-acre park 15 miles east of Tucson has trails for every skill level, including the hike up to Gates Pass.
  • Saguaro National Park: Home to the saguaro cacti, this national park east and west of the city offers hiking trails with opportunities to encounter jackrabbits and Gila monsters as you view the 1.6 million saguaros.
  • Pima Canyon: Hike this canyon of craggy peaks and thick forest landscapes to glimpse birds and desert bighorn sheep, just 10 miles north of downtown Tucson.
  • Sabino Canyon: Hit the Bear Canyon trail on your way to Seven Falls waterfall, a moderate hike in the Sabino Canyon, which offers a number of trails to see saguaros and ocotillos.
  • Catalina State Park: Test your hiking skills as you journey to "The Window" by following the Ventana Canyon Trail, one of Tucson's most daring trails, with its steep switchbacks and challenging climbs. A late fall or winter hike timed to catch the sunset through the natural rock opening is worth the 12.8-mile (round trip) hike.

Pet-friendly Tucson

Tucson also boasts numerous dog-friendly restaurants, dog parks and hiking trails, including Agua Caliente Park on the northeast side of town and Rillito River Park Trail, which offers water fountains at each intersection along the trail.

Getaways from Tucson

When you feel the need to get away, the beaches of San Diego are about a seven-hour drive. Head north, and you can hit the ski slopes in Flagstaff in about four hours. The stark red rock canyons, Coconino National Forest petroglyphs and New Age shops and ancient vortexes draw visitors to Sedona, less than four hours away.

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