Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

If you’ve been outside in just about any region of the U.S., you’ll notice one trend: It’s hot. The dog days of summer are officially here– which means that it isn’t just you that’s been feeling a bit overheated.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

My pup has not been a fan of the sizzling temperatures lately, but there are a few things I’ve been trying to do to help her feel more comfortable and cool. Just like we take steps to keep cool in the summer, dogs need a little TLC in the heat and humidity too.

Here are a couple of tips to help your best four-legged friend stay safe and cool this summer:

Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

It’s probably best to leave your dog at home when you’re running errands, as a hot car can be a dangerous place in the summer. The Humane Society says that the temperatures can rise rapidly inside a car on hot summer days.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer - Don't Leave Your Dog in the Car

For instance, if it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside and you leave the car parked for just 30 minutes, the interior of your car can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a dangerous environment for your canine companion.

Make Sure Your Pup Has Plenty of Water

We all get a little more thirsty in the summertime, and your dog is no exception.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer - Make Sure Your Pup Has Plenty of Water

If you’re planning on being out during the day with your pup, be sure to bring along a portable water container for him or her.

Try a Spray Bottle

Dogs love to be misted in the summertime, especially on body parts responsible for cooling them down, like the paws and stomach.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer - Try a Spray Bottle

You can also lay a cool wet towel down for them to relax and cool off on. When all else fails, your sprinklers outside can also do the trick.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Cesar Milan, aka the Dog Whisperer, also advised dog owners to look for signs of dehydration. We sweat when we get too hot, but dogs cool off through panting. Although a little panting is OK, if it gets excessive or he or she starts drooling excessively, you’ll need to give your dog some water and get him or her in the shade immediately. Another sign of dehydration is bloodshot eyes.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer - Keep a Warchful Eye

Dogs will instinctively know when they are too hot and need to go inside. If you see your pup panting and lingering by the door, be sure to either let him or her in or provide some shade so he or she can cool off.

Go Swimming

You love going for a dip in the summer– and your dog does too. In Chicago where I live, we have a dog beach that is completely packed with pups in the summertime, and it’s easy to understand why. In the heat and humidity, sometimes the best cure for cooling down is to go for a swim. Cesar Milan says swimming with dogs can be a great bonding experience between dogs and their owners, much like your walks together.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer - Go Swimming

If you don’t have a dog-friendly beach nearby, consider investing in a kid pool and letting him or her cool down in it on those extra-hot days.

Go For Walks When It’s Cooler

Exercise is important for your dog year-round. However, in the summer, it might be best to save the walks for early in the mornings or at dusk when the temperatures are a little less harsh. We’re sure your pup will be thankful you did.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer - Go For Walks When It's Cooler

During the summer, it’s important to keep everyone in the apartment cool– including your furry family members! Follow these tips to make sure man’s best friend stays safe this summer!

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Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun

Whereas winter typically involves hibernating indoors to avoid the cold and snow, the warm weather and sunny evenings of summer make it one of the best seasons for having a little fun outside of work.

Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun

For some of us, though, “having a little fun” is code for spending entirely too much money on things like dinner, drinks, and other activities. So how do we enjoy the season without dipping (or wading) into our savings accounts?

Here are a few ideas for enjoying yourself this summer while keeping your budget in check:

Catch a Ball Game

If you’re a sports fan, then “summer” may be synonymous with “baseball season” to you. And one of the best parts about baseball is that even major league games are pretty inexpensive. In fact, depending on the city you’re in, tickets could cost less than $20 for bleacher seats.

Old baseball bat and glove with ball

What could make baseball games an expensive outing is spending a lot of money at concession stands, where everything from drinks to snacks are exorbitantly marked up (seriously, domestic beers could run in the neighborhood of $8-10).

Save a few bucks by eating before the game and bringing your own bottle of water (if your ballpark allows it– most do). Pick up a bag of peanuts when you get there, and you can enjoy the entire game for less than $30.

Find Free Events

No matter where you live, your city or town likely has myriad free (or at least very cheap) events going on over the summer. Do a quick Internet search of summer events in your city and see what pops up.

Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun - Find Free Events

Then, look up the parks and outdoor recreation areas and venues near you to see if they’ve scheduled things like free concerts, movies, or other events during summer’s afternoons and evenings. Gather a group of friends for any of these events and turn it into a picnic or a chill evening together.

Looking for something more educational? Many museums also have free days during the summer for residents of the state in which they’re located. Peruse their websites to see if they’re offering free or cheap admission any days this summer.

Camp Out

Vacationing can be very costly for frugal folks, but camping is a much more budget-friendly alternative that will still make for a fun getaway. Look into state parks, lakes, or mountains within driving distance and see if you can find a relatively cheap spot to pitch a tent with some friends.

Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun - Camp Out

Or, if you’re looking for ways to get outdoors for a shorter time-frame, simply take advantage of the natural areas within your city. Head to parks or hiking trails with a couple of buddies to find your inner outdoorsy adventurer for an afternoon.

Host Gatherings

Eating out at restaurants is one of the most expensive ways people can have fun with friends. Between shared appetizers, an entree, and a couple of drinks, going out can add up remarkably fast. And when you start going out more than once or twice a week, prepare to say goodbye to your paychecks.

Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun - Host Gatherings

While you can make going out cheaper by skipping drinks and splitting an entree with a friend, staying in is perhaps an even better idea.

Host game nights, movie nights, or just have some friends over for dinner a couple times a month. Make it BYOB and have everyone bring a shareable dish. You’ll save money in spades and still have a lot of fun.

Hit the Beach

If you live near a lake, ocean or bay, take advantage of the weather this summer and hit the beach when you can!

Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun - Hit the Beach

If you bring drinks and snacks, beach days are almost completely free (unless you have to pay for parking), and can provide hours upon hours of entertainment. You can even head to the beach by yourself with a book and a towel for some free and fun alone time.

Check Out Coupon Sites

Daily deals sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer discounts for any number of activities, events, restaurants, and bars in an array of cities, so check them out regularly to see what kind of deals you can snag. You may find yourself doing activities you didn’t think you’d ever partake in, and you’ll most certainly save a ton of money.

Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun - Check Out Coupon Sites

Quick tip: The next time you’re heading to dinner with friends, make it a less costly affair by checking a daily deals site first. Buy a coupon or gift certificate for a restaurant you’ve never tried before for some adventurous eating and great savings.

Go On a Road Trip

Taking a road trip is another budget-friendly way to get out of your city for a couple days.

Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun - Go on a Road Trip

Gather your friends, pile into a car and drive to a nearby town or city you can be a tourist in for a couple of days. Split the cost of a cheap hotel, and you can have a relatively inexpensive vacation.

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Save Money this Summer and Still Have Fun

Energy Saving Tips That Won’t Force You to Sacrifice Comfort

Now is the time start thinking about your energy consumption because the weather is getting warmer. The heat of summer will arrive before you know it, which means turning up the air conditioner in your apartment. Whether you’re trying to beat the heat or illuminate your place, you use energy.

Energy Saving Tips That Won't Force You to Sacrifice Comfort

Fortunately, decreasing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. Check out these energy saving tips to reduce your environmental impact and prevent your air conditioner from over working:

Install and Use Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans allows you to decrease the temperature in your home or apartment by 4 degrees Fahrenheit without losing any comfort. Though it may not sound like much, those 4 degrees can add up when it comes time to pay the bills.

Ceiling fans circulate air, preventing heat from hanging near the ceiling. They also promote ventilation by pushing air out of the window and pulling in cool breezes. If your apartment does not have a ceiling fan, ask your landlord to install one or ask if you can purchase one yourself.

Many apartments already have ceiling fans installed, so make the most of your fan by using it. This spring, dust the blades and be sure the fan works. Then you can turn it on and decrease the air conditioning energy you consume come summer.

Hang Light Curtains

Some energy saving tips don’t require as much planning as others, and curtains are one of the easy alterations you can make. Warm sunlight can heat your apartment as it streams in through your windows, but hanging curtains will reduce that greenhouse effect.

Energy Saving Tips That Won't Force You to Sacrifice Comfort- Hang Light Curtains

You can still enjoy the comfort of natural light by choosing window treatments made of sheer fabric. They help diffuse sunlight while promoting illumination. Keep the curtains closed during the day and increase the temperature on your thermostat to go green. You’ll still feel cool because the sun won’t be heating your apartment.

Prevent Heat Gain

Many apartments have wall- or window-mounted air conditioning units. While these devices do help cool the apartment, it’s easy to seal them improperly. If the unit isn’t airtight, you could be letting hot air into the apartment (which forces your air conditioner to work harder to reduce indoor temperatures). Use caulk to seal the edges around your air conditioning unit, which will prevent heat from outdoors entering the room.

You’ll notice that the room stays cooler longer and that you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees without feeling uncomfortable. Every degree counts!

Lighten Up

Believe it or not, the color of your decor can make your apartment hotter or colder. Dark colors absorb light and bright ones reflect it (a phenomenon known as albedo). Decorate your apartment with bright shades to prevent heat gain as a result of absorption.

Energy Saving Tips That Won't Force You to Sacrifice Comfort - Lighten Up

It’s the same principle as not wearing black in the summer. You’ll feel more comfortable and cool with light colors in your apartment. Pick white, beige and pastels for your warm-weather palette. Cooling your place naturally may help save energy costs because your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard.

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Energy Saving Tips That Won't Force You to Sacrifice Comfort!

Photo Credit: Domiziana S.Wayfair, Marius Kallhardt

8 Things to Do in Your Apartment Before You Go on Vacation

Before you even worry about how to fit everything in your suitcase, take care of these seven tasks at home.

Before you even worry about how to fit everything in your suitcase, take care of these eight tasks at home.

Vacation season: It’s finally here! Maybe you’re headed to a week of relaxing on the beach; maybe you’re jetting off on a fabulous international journey. But before you start packing, no matter where you’re going, you’ve got a few things to take care of in your apartment first.

No one wants to worry about what’s going on at home when they’re out of town. So take care of these tasks before you go on vacation, and you’ll rest easy while you’re away.

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Apartment for Summer

A nice glass of iced tea is a great way to cool off in the summer, so make sure you have plenty of ice in your apartment.

A nice glass of iced tea is a great way to cool off in the summer, so make sure you have plenty of ice in your apartment.

If you’re like us, you’re enjoying planting flowers and putting away your heavy sweaters as the last chill of winter gives way to the warmth of spring. The warmer weather is always welcome – until it gets too hot, that is. Summer’s not far off, and with it will come soaring temperatures that can leave you uncomfortable in your apartment.

You can’t do anything to ward off the dog days of summer, but you can prepare your home ahead of time so those sweltering days don’t bother you too much. Here’s how to ensure you’ll be cool as a cucumber when the heat hits.

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Refreshing Summer Sips: DIY Drinks and Cocktails to Make in Your Apartment

summer cocktails

Summertime drinks are more affordable when you make them yourself at home!

Summertime trips to the bar and the coffee shop can really add up. One source even estimates that the average American worker spends $20 per week ($1,100 per year) on coffee. But there is hope for those who’d like to keep that cash in their wallets.

Find your perfect apartment now!

With a blender and a few key ingredients, you can create a number of cool, thirst-quenching beverages without stepping foot outside your apartment.

All you need to do is decide which drinks will really satisfy your taste buds.

Sip on a cool brew
Caffeine addicts don’t need to go cold turkey this summer. Just put your vice on ice – literally! Iced coffee and iced tea have always been popular, and they’re even more delicious when you add an unexpected splash of flavor.

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Discover the Beach Town of Your Dreams This Summer

The piers of Newport Beach, CA, are major tourist draws.

The piers of Newport Beach, CA, are major tourist draws.

Looking for a getaway to a beach town before summer slips you by? Yahoo! Web Trend Expert Carolyn Clark shared with us the top recently-searched beaches on Yahoo!

We count down some of the United States’ best, most popular beaches, based on these search results, to help you find the beach of your dreams.

Laguna Beach, CA
Fifteen-foot waves make Laguna Beach a surfer’s paradise. If you’re looking for a laid-back getaway, you can explore marine life in the beach’s famous tide pools or just kick back and take in the scenery somewhere along Laguna Beach’s seven miles of picturesque Pacific coast.

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Warm-Weather Decorating Ideas for Summer

summer apartment decorating

Summertime brings warm breezes, sunny skies, beach parties and barbecues. It’s a time to get out and enjoy the weather — so why not bring a bit of the outdoors in?

You don’t have to make over your entire apartment to enjoy a summery feel in your décor. Use these summer decorating tips to celebrate the season and enliven your space during the warm months.

Brighten up
Summer is all about color. Just look at what’s happening outside: bright buds are blooming, colorful birds are chirping, and the sky’s a crisp, clear blue. If you want your apartment to reflect a summer scene, move your decorating scheme towards a brighter palette.

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Top Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Top Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

In many cities, August means cranking up the AC as high as it will go.

If you’re looking to save on the power bill — or just waiting for your air-conditioning unit to be repaired — use some creative ways to beat the heat in your apartment.

Check out these suggestions for keeping your cool at home in the sweltering season!

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Top Metros for Keeping Cool This Summer (Infographic)

Click the image to view the full infographic.

Click the image to view the full infographic.

The summer season is in full swing, and in many cities around the country, this means hot weather. REALLY hot.

Find your perfect apartment now!

In fact, last July was the hottest month on record since 1895, according to NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

We at Apartment Guide want to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable this summer. As temperatures climb, we’re sharing some timely tips to help you keep cool in your apartment — or to find a fun and friendly place nearby where the air is chilly!

We’re also sharing the cities where it’s a little easier to enjoy the summer weather. These top 10 cities report the most air conditioning units, community pools and ceiling fans, based on our data.

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