Top Cities for College Grads

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For college seniors, the spring season means looking forward to graduation – and life beyond the college campus.

To help college graduates as they look both for work and a new place to live, Apartment Guide consulted with Indeed, the number one job site worldwide, to bring together information to match the perfect apartment with the right job.

Together, Indeed and Apartment Guide have researched the top cities with the most entry-level job openings, along with average rents for one and two bedroom apartments in these cities.

Here’s the list.

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Upgrading to a 2BR Apartment? Here’s Where It’ll Cost You the Most

Considering a move to a larger apartment? Wondering if you can afford a second bedroom?

We wondered the same thing and decided to look at our data to see what metro areas had the biggest percentage rent increase from one bedroom to two bedrooms.

For March 2014 in metros with at least 50 apartment listings, we looked at the lowest-price one bedroom and two bedroom apartment units to determine the average percentage increase between the two inside the same community. We included only apartment listings for which there were both one and two bedroom offerings located on the same property.

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Top 10 Metros for Great Apartment Kitchen Amenities (Infographic)

Click the image to see the full infographic.

Click the image to see the full infographic.

For many American families, everything that’s really important in home life takes place in the kitchen.

At Apartment Guide, we know that renters want kitchens they can both enjoy spending time in and also put to work for their cooking efforts.

What are the amenities people want and need in their apartment kitchens?

Stainless steel appliances, dishwashers and microwaves are important, but extra amenities like a kitchen island and granite countertops can make a kitchen more useful and elegant.

We’ve combed our apartment listings to find the metro areas with the most tricked-out kitchens.

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New York Tops List of World’s Most Competitive Cities: Report

"No wonder I can't find an apartment here!"

“No wonder I can’t find an apartment here.”

Find it hard to secure an apartment in New York City? It’s just another way that city is one of the most competitive in the world.

Find your perfect apartment now!

For those who find New York a challenging place to live, there’s hard research to back that up.

As reported in the New York Times, a brand-new study, published by The Economist Intelligence Unit for Citigroup, places New York #1 on the list of most competitive cities worldwide.

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Relocation Trends: Where’s Your Next Move? (Infographic)

Click the image to view the full infographic.

Click the image to view the full infographic.

June is a popular month for change: graduations, weddings and job changes. All of this change results in relocation and the need to find a new place to call home.

Where are people relocating to? We define “sister metros” as the areas where people most often move from and where they move to.

In this relocation trends infographic, we found that the top searched sister metros included Washington, D.C. to New York City, New York City to Los Angeles, New York City to Atlanta and Dallas to Houston. The top five searched metro areas were Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Houston and Atlanta.

Relocation Tips
Budgeting Tips
7 Tips for Easy Moving
Top 5 Apps to Help You Move

Apartment Guide used internal search data from May 2013 to determine the top sister cities, as well as the cities that are most searched. U.S. Census Bureau data was used to identify common reasons that trigger relocations.

Most popular relocation cities, guide to relocating infographic
Apartment Guide – Find a New Place to Call Home

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2013 Renting Trends: Mid-Year Update

Read about what's going on in apartment renting right now.

Read about what’s going on in apartment renting right now.

At Apartment Guide, we want to help movers stay informed about the state of renting in this country.

Find your perfect apartment now!

Take a quick look at a gathering of recent trends and reporting about what you might expect to find when renting an apartment right now.

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Hippest Neighborhoods in the United States

Check out a few of the hippest neighborhoods in the United States, according to Forbes Magazine.

Check out a few of the hippest neighborhoods in the United States, according to Forbes Magazine.

Forbes has ranked the hippest neighborhoods in the United States. By looking at key factors like which neighborhoods are home to people with artistic jobs, a large concentration of farmers’ markets and food trucks, and high walkability scores, the magazine’s research turned up some of the most interesting spots to hang out in the country.

The top three they found, in order, are:
Silver Lake in Los Angeles, Calif.
• The Mission District in San Francisco, Calif.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Start your apartment search today!

But what about the other hip hangouts from the twenty places featured?

Here are five of our faves.

#5 Pearl District, Portland, Ore.
Portland, Ore., has always enjoyed a hipster vibe, but over the years, the Pearl District has transitioned from abandoned warehouses to a quadrant packed with coffeehouses, restaurants, hotels, art galleries and studios. It’s walking distance to the Portland Farmer’s Market and is home to some of the most colorful places to spend time with friends. Hip hangouts include bustling brewpubs like BridgePort Brewpub, Deschutes Brewery & Public House and Rogue Ales Distillery & Public House.

#10 Warehouse District, New Orleans, La.
The Warehouse District is the newest place to see and be seen in New Orleans, La. This industrial area near the river is where famous chef Emeril Lagasse opened his first restaurant. The ‘hood continues to get hipper with unique Southern eateries like Cochon and spots like Spun Cafe at the Contemporary Arts Center. Plus, if you get tired of Zydeco music, you can head to the Howlin’ Wolf and rock out to some hardcore hipster bands.

#12 North Loop, Minneapolis, Minn.
Again, this former warehouse district (see a pattern here?) can now be called the coolest neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minn. Plus, it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The North Loop warehouses have been converted to apartments, restaurants and boutiques, but this hip hangout also boasts some great outdoor space. The James I. Rice Parkway runs along the river with great bike trails that wind through the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway.

#14 Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pa.
Philadelphia has its fair share of hip neighborhoods, but Northern Liberties was the only one that made the list of the hippest in the United States. Impressive! NoLibs got one of the highest walkability scores, and it’s central to some serious nightlife. The Piazza at Schmidts always has something going on, be it music, shopping, or sports. Plus, the neighborhood hosts festivals and events nearly every week. Once you’ve had your fill of outdoor entertainment, roll on over to North Bowl and grab a lane with your pals.

#15 Hampden, Baltimore, Md.
If you live in Baltimore and are trying to find the “scene” in your city, head to the Hampden neighborhood. This kitschy, cool spot was made famous by inspiring the settings of several John Waters films. It’s the kind of place where everyone calls you “hon” — so much so, they even started their own Honfest. Imagine beehive hairdos, cat’s eye glasses and Baltimore’s Best Hon Pageant. Super hip.

There you have it, a sampling of just a few of the hippest neighborhoods in the United States.

For the full list of twenty hip hangouts, check out the Forbes magazine article online.

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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in California

California’s healthy, eco-friendly mentality is so prevalent that it spreads to practically every aspect of the lives of its residents, so it’s no surprise that some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country can be found in this sunny state. If you want your plate to be filled with healthy, meat-free options, check out these vegetarian restaurants in California.


Formed in 1970, Rutabegorz was a small “hippie joint” that only served coffee and desserts. Since then, it has grown into one of California’s most popular health-conscious restaurant chains. Now, with three locations to serve local vegetarians, vegans and health nuts, Rutabegorz serves good, fresh food at decent prices. The Orange location is quaint and cozy, in a converted old house, and the menu is massive, but locals swear by the Southwest Quinoa Bowl, chock full of fresh vegetables. Or, try the Peasant Mushrooms, a hearty creation featuring mushrooms stuffed with a vegetable medley of zucchini, bell pepper and carrots, topped with melted cheese.

Where: 264 North Glassell St., Orange, CA 92866

Elf Café

Intimate and elegant, Elf Café is perfect for a special occasion dinner for those who enjoy vegetarian cuisine. The menu is heavily influenced by Mediterranean culture, with offerings like the Vegan Shwarma Sandwich, Spicy Moroccan Kale Salad and Moroccan VegetableTagine. Make sure to make reservations in advance, as this popular spot can fill up on nights and weekends.

Where: 2135 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

Evolution Fast Food

If you’re looking for good, healthy food fast, check out Evolution Fast Food. The concept of a gourmet fast food place may be foreign to you, but we can guarantee that you’ve probably never seen a gourmet vegetarian fast food restaurant. Evolution offers a selection of gourmet burgers, wraps, sandwiches, fries, smoothies, shakes and desserts made with no animal ingredients, refined sweeteners or artificial flavors. Additionally, the restaurant is plastic-free, as all containers and utensils are made from non-bleached paper or biodegradable food starch.

Where: 2965 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92103

Noble Vegetarian

This little hole in the wall Asian fusion restaurant is a little out of the way for centrally located Sacramento residents, but it’s worth the drive. Primarily drawing its inspiration from Vietnamese cuisine, Noble Vegetarian is known for its faux meats in standout dishes like Orange Vegken, Roti Drumstick and Ruby Pearls. The mock chicken, beef and pork is so delicious and convincing that even those of the carnivorous persuasion sing its praises. Make to save room for a slice of their Vegan Sheese Cake – you won’t even miss the dairy.

Where: 5049 College Oak Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841


Known as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco, Source believes in serving hand-selected, quality organic food, with a menu comprised of vegan and vegetarian handcrafted sandwiches on freshly baked bread, healthful salads brimming with delicious ingredients, unique casseroles and hearty brick oven pizzas. If you’re on a raw diet, choose offerings like the Live Lettuce Taco or the Live Platter, featuring hemp tabouli, marinated mushrooms, green goddess salad, lettuce tacos and living chips.

Where: 11 Division St., San Francisco, CA 94103

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Guide to the Los Angeles Fashion District

You can find just about any clothing item or accessory in the Los Angeles Fashion District, many times cheaper than retail.

The Los Angeles Fashion District spans 100 blocks, with more than 1,000 stores carrying roughly 4,500 apparel and accessory lines, and is the premier shopping destination on the West Coast. Open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., you’ll find apparel, accessories, textiles and even flowers in this massive, cutting-edge district. Check out our guide to the LA Fashion District, including tips for first-timers, a spotlight of each notable area and how to do the District on a budget.

Know Before You Go

Navigating the LA Fashion District may seem like a daunting task, but by keeping a few things in mind before you go, you’ll be well on your way to shopping like a pro.

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing and bring reusable bags or luggage strollers to haul away your purchases.
  • Many stores are wholesale-only, which means they are not open to the public. Look for signs describing which type of store it is.
  • Make sure to bring cash with you, as many stores don’t accept credit cards. If you forget, there are numerous ATMs throughout the District.
  • The selection of merchandise changes daily, so if something catches your eye, pick it up because it might not be there tomorrow.
  • Don’t be afraid to bargain – in fact, it’s encouraged!

The European Corridor

Known to bargain hunters as Rodeo Drive on a budget, the European Corridor is located on Pico Boulevard between Main and Santee Streets. Most of the merchandise you’ll find here is imported from France, Italy and other European fashion centers, which means you’re going to be spending a pretty penny on the evening gowns, dress shoes and suits you’ll find in the Corridor unless you know where to go. Stop in Fenucci Design (934 Santee St., Los Angeles, CA 90015) for elegant formal wear on the cheap.

Santee Alley

Essentially the antithesis of the European Corridor, Santee Alley is a continuously packed back alley of over 150 stores and vendors located between Maple and Santee Streets, from Olympic Boulevard to 12th Street, where adventurous bargain hunters generally go to find the most authentic knockoff designer goods, ripped DVDs and other bootleg items. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you love to bargain, Santee Alley is the place for you. Check out Pop USA (321 E. 12th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015) for authentic designer goods at rock bottom prices.

The Intersection

Named after the intersection at 9th and Los Angeles Streets, the Intersection is the name of the joint collective of wholesale showrooms and tradeshow producers in the Fashion District, with the bigger names being the California Market Center, Cooper Design Space, Gerry Building and The New Mart. These fashion industry leaders generally aren’t open to the public, but they hold sample sales on the last Friday of every month, when you might score a great piece for dirt cheap.

Menswear District

The Fashion District isn’t just about ladies clothes and accessories. Located on Los Angeles Street between 7th and 9th Streets, the Menswear District is where you can find fashion-forward suits, ties, shoes and other menswear accessories for great prices. The merchandise is often heavily discounted, and the best place to find designer Italian wool suits is at SuitFellas (756 S. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, CA 90014), which specializes in affordable menswear.

The Flower Market

If you wander along Center Street between 7th and 8th Streets, you’ll eventually come across the LA Flower Market, the largest flower market in the United States, where you’ll find nearly every variety of cut flower plus potted plants, dried and silk flowers and floral supplies. If you’re not in the wholesale trade, the Flower Market is open to the public Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to noon and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6 a.m. to noon. There is a nominal entrance fee. Visit Kobata Growers (758 S. Maple Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90014) for the freshest and cheapest arrangements available to the public.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/aspectimages

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Best Doughnut Places Nationwide

Celebrate National Doughnut Month at one of the best doughnut places nationwide.

A culinary medium lending itself to unique combinations, outrageous toppings and crazy shapes, the doughnut is one of the most versatile foods around. The Dutch are largely credited with inventing doughnuts in the 19th century, but you don’t have to travel to Europe to try this treat, as some of the best fried rings can be found stateside (and no, we’re not talking about Krispy Kreme). Since the month of October is National Doughnut Month, you’ll want to go ahead and start planning ahead with our list of the best doughnut places nationwide. After all, who can resist the siren call of a hot, freshly made doughnut glistening with glaze?

Sublime Doughnuts

Recently named America’s Best Bakery by Bake magazine, Sublime Doughnuts is located in an unassuming strip mall in the Atlanta neighborhood of West Midtown, just a stone’s throw from the campus of Georgia Tech. You may not think you’re in the right place, as the sign above this famed bakery merely says “Donut,” but once you see the crowd of people lined up for one of these signature treats, you’ll know you’ve made it. Chef Kamal Grant churns out favorites like the Orange Dream Star, the Chocolate Wild Berry Fritter and the Fresh Strawberry ‘N Cream. If you go on a Saturday, make sure to pick up the Maple Bacon Cheddar, a sweet and salty creation which is only available on that day.

Where: 535 Tenth St. N.W., Atlanta, GA 30318

Voodoo Doughnuts

You’ve never had a doughnut like a Voodoo doughnut. Featuring crazy flavor combinations and fresh ingredients, Voodoo Doughnuts is undoubtedly a Portland institution. People from all over flock to this funky, offbeat shop for the Bacon Maple Bar, featuring sweet and sticky maple icing topped with smoky, crispy bacon. Other favorites include the Captain My Captain, a vanilla icing doughnut topped with Captain Crunch cereal, and Grape Ape, a soft, fluffy yeast doughnut glazed with vanilla icing and dusted with grape powder and lavender sprinkles. But you can’t visit Voodoo without ordering its namesake doughnut, a chocolate glazed yeast doughnut shaped like a voodoo doll, filled with raspberry jam and stabbed with a pretzel stick.

Where: 22 S.W. 3rd Ave., Portland, OR 97204

Top Pot Doughnuts

Some of the best doughnuts in the Pacific Northwest can be found at Top Pot Doughnuts. Its two-story flagship location in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood is almost as beautiful as the hot pastry creations themselves. You won’t find any majorly crazy combinations or toppings here, because at Top Pot, simplicity is king. Instead, their old-fashioned cake doughnuts, crullers and fritters come in flavors like chocolate-peanut and Valley Girl lemon, but they’re anything but boring.

Where: 2124 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121

The Doughnut Plant

Mark Israel, owner of The Doughnut Plant, comes from a long line of bakers and doughnut makers, so it was only appropriate that he open up one of the best doughnut places in the nation. Located in the Lower East Side near Chinatown, The Doughnut Plant continues to come up with innovative options, like the jelly-filled signature square doughnuts, the crème brulee and the sesame seed doughnut. One of the newest additions is a glazed oatmeal cake doughnut, sprinkled with dried fruit bits, oats and seeds, but whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a delicious, homemade treat.

Where: 379 Grand St., New York, NY 10002

Randy’s Donuts

Los Angeles is chock full of doughnut shops on just about every corner, but Randy’s Doughnuts is a legendary stop located near the Los Angeles International Airport. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the huge doughnut atop the building, a landmark that dates back to 1952 and plays a cameo in the movie Iron Man 2. The buttermilk and crumb raised doughnut is a must-try, as is the size-of-your-face apple fritter, featuring chunks of sweet apple-cinnamon filling and a delectable glaze.

Where: 805 West Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301

Photo credit: iStockphoto/miflippo