How to Vacuum Refrigerator Coils and Keep Your Cool

how to vacuum refrigerator coils

Vacuum your refrigerator coils twice a year to keep your fridge running efficiently.

Let’s face it: In the summertime, your refrigerator is your best friend. There’s nothing like the first sip of a cold beverage to cool you off when temperatures are sweltering, and you don’t even want to think about where you’d be without the freezer. A summer without ice is not a summer you’ll enjoy.

Since so much is riding on this relationship, this month’s green tip focuses on keeping your favorite appliance running smoothly. Regular refrigerator maintenance involves vacuuming the condenser coils on the back or the bottom to clear out the dust and gunk about twice a year. Removing this debris will ensure the fridge doesn’t have to work too hard to keep the insides cold.

Even better, the less the refrigerator has to work, the less energy it consumes – which translates to lower energy bills for you. Now that’s cool.

So how do you go about vacuuming those coils? We’ve got the process laid out for you, step by step.

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Spruce Up Your Kitchen (and Still Get Your Security Deposit Back!)

"Temporary" and "fabulous" are the name of the game to create a stylish kitchen space that you can change back later!

“Temporary” and “fabulous” are the name of the game to create a stylish kitchen space that you can change back later. (A decorative sink backsplash applied via removable decals? Why, yes!)

Looking to refresh your apartment’s kitchen without making permanent changes?

Many landlords will allow renters to make cosmetic changes to apartment units provided the residents change those elements back when vacating the space. These requirements will likely be spelled out in the lease.

Because of the expense and effort required, however, you may find it compelling to think about updating your kitchen decor in ways that are more easily adjusted. You want a cool kitchen, after all, but you may not want to expend a lot of extra effort – and you want your security deposit back when you move out.

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Black Friday is for Shopping — Not Clearing Your Garbage Disposal! (Infographic)

Click the image to view the full infographic!

Click the image to view the full infographic!

Don’t send your Thanksgiving down the drain!

Plumbers report that the day after Thanksgiving is their busiest day of the year for housecalls.

Don’t let plumbing woes distract you from your Black Friday shopping this year.

Check out these do’s – and mostly don’ts — for how to treat your apartment plumbing with care after Thanksgiving dinner is cleared away. Stay on friendly terms with your apartment community maintenance team by following these directions!

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Top 10 Metros for Great Apartment Kitchen Amenities (Infographic)

Click the image to see the full infographic.

Click the image to see the full infographic.

For many American families, everything that’s really important in home life takes place in the kitchen.

At Apartment Guide, we know that renters want kitchens they can both enjoy spending time in and also put to work for their cooking efforts.

What are the great apartment kitchen amenities people want and need most?

Stainless steel appliances, dishwashers and microwaves are important, but extra amenities like a kitchen island and granite countertops can make a kitchen more useful and elegant.

We’ve combed our apartment listings to find the metro areas with the most tricked-out kitchens.

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Single Serving: Tips on Cooking Smart for One

how to cook for one person

Living solo can have its advantages. The feeling of freedom in solitude can be truly welcome, and, hey, you’re your own boss.

But some aspects of living alone can be daunting, especially if you’ve been used to sharing space and expenses with others.

The kitchen is one place where the adjustment is most apparent: how do you cook for one person when recipes and container sizes often seem meant for more?

Fear not, apartment dweller! We’ve got tips ahead for cooking alone… and loving it.

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What’s Old is New: Go Retro in Your Apartment Kitchen

What's Old is New: Go Retro in Your Apartment Kitchen

Stella Apartments in Marina del Rey, CA

Retro is hip — again!

Retro kitchens were forward-thinking, clean-lined and edgy in their day, and they still give off that aura decades later.

When you want to spruce up a generic apartment kitchen on a tight budget, going retro will give you a delightful range of colors, period items and other ideas to play with.

Before you begin, a little planning will move you a long way toward success in your decorating project.

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Room-by-Room Organization Tips

Not sure where to begin organizing? Just take it one room at a time.

Not sure where to begin organizing? Just take it one room at a time.

Home organization can seem like a daunting task, but when broken up room-by-room, it’s easier to tackle. Here’s how to divide and conquer to tame the mess.


No nonsense. Space is often at a premium in your bathroom, so it’s important to be firm and decisive about getting rid of things you don’t need. Toss out toiletries and equipment that you rarely use. In your medicine cabinet, limit yourself to just the essentials to keep your organization goals on track. Trust us, you can live without that seventh bottle of nail polish remover.

Space invaders. Nothing can make a room seem more like a mess than a cluttered countertop. Maximize valuable space on your vanity by utilizing utilitarian storage containers that hold multiple toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries like hand soap and lotion. Hang a rectangular wire basket on the side of your vanity to hold your hair dryer and other gadgets.

Clean sweep. Keep bottled cleaners organized by hanging a tension rod in your cabinet. These adjustable rods are available for cheap and are a great quick fix to keep tight spaces organized and the cleaners you use regularly within arm’s reach. For cleaning supplies you don’t grab on a regular basis, keep them in an easy-to-reach basket that can be stashed when finished.

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Get Cooking with the Best Kitchenware on a Budget

simmer-MIGUEL GALE-original

We know that preparing meals at home can save you time and money, but decking out your kitchen with gadgets and cookware can also be expensive. And if you’re living in an apartment, you want to make sure you have the basics without taking up too much room or burning through your bank account.

Here are our tips on how to purchase budget-friendly kitchenware, as well as a list of the essentials every apartment dweller needs in his or her kitchen.

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Save Time and Money by Preparing Meals at Home

A Crock-Pot is a great way to make easy meals -- just toss the ingredients in, turn it on, and let it sit for a few hours.

A Crock-Pot is a great way to make easy meals — just toss the ingredients in, turn it on, and let it sit for a few hours.

Everyone in your family is super busy, including you! Preparing meals doesn’t have to be another expensive, time-sapping chore. You can save time and money in your apartment with just a few simple meal prep shortcuts.

A Crock-Pot is a busy cook’s best friend

Most people only use their crock pots for an occasional roast or an annual dish for some special occasion, but crock pots can be a terrific time-saver in the kitchen. Throw in a chicken or roast and some veggies the night before or before you leave for work, and when you get home you’ll have a piping hot meal ready to serve. It’s not just for roasts and soups either. Crock pots are great for cooking chili and even spaghetti sauce.

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Refresh Your Fridge: Maintain a Clean and Organized Space

Refresh Your Fridge for an Organized Space

Is your refrigerator a clean and organized space? Is it food-friendly? Optimize the space in your fridge, and learn how to properly store items to keep them fresh with our infographic.

A few tips:

  • Leftovers cool faster if they’re stored in small, flat containers.
  • Keep meat in its store wrapping.
  • Use the crisper! It keeps an optimal temperature for veggies.

Interested in more posts that’ll fill your belly? The AG Blog weighs in on food:

What’s your advice for keeping your refrigerator nice and organized?

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