Room Color Ideas For Every Space

Living in an apartment, you might think you’re limited in decorating. Sure, you can’t paint on the walls unless you’re willing to forfeit your security deposit, but that doesn’t mean your place has to be drab and dreary– quite the opposite, actually.

Room Color Ideas For Every Space

By snatching up cute throw pillows, a colorful bedspread, comfy carpets, furniture and art (you know, basically all of your stuff), you can create a beautiful color scheme that’s totally you.

Room Color Ideas For Every Space

But before all that, you have to choose the shades you’ll use to decorate. After all, your apartment should exude your personality and fit the space, and picking the right color scheme can totally help. With that in mind, here are some room color ideas for each space in your place:

Living Room: Neutrals

Your living room is likely the heart of your apartment. Here, you entertain friends and relax after work. You might binge-watch Netflix in the living room or relax when your significant other comes over. No matter what you use it for, this space should cater to every need.

Room Color Ideas For Every Space - Living Room Neutrals

Because the living room is both a private and public space, keeping the color palette neutral will ensure it has a versatile atmosphere. The room color can affect the way you feel when you’re in the area or the energy of the space. Neutral schemes can be both lively and relaxing. Mixing shades like brown and beige or variations of gray and white gives you freedom over what you want in the space.

Use neutrals in your curtains, area rug and furniture– wood goes great with neutral palettes. Then, if you want to add some accents, pick brighter artwork and accessories.

Kitchen/Dining Room

Even if your apartment doesn’t have a formal dining room, you can still add color to your eating space. The place where you take your meals should be bright and warm. In fact, psychologists believe that red (and similar shades) promote a hearty appetite– why do you think McDonald’s colors are red and yellow?

Room Color Ideas For Every Space -Kitchen Dining Room

Additionally, warm colors may stimulate conversation you have while eating with guests or your roomie. Consider a palette for your eating space that includes red and gold, or maroon and beige.

Your kitchen can have a similar color personality, by which I mean fiery and energetic. Oranges, yellows, and warm creams all work.

Table clothes, artwork, dish sets, pots and pans, etc., can all help you create the color scheme you want in your kitchen and dining rooms – no paint necessary!


Considered a private space, your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you rest at night and relax after a long day. Ideally, your bedroom should provide you with serenity, and a few room color ideas can help.

Room Color Ideas For Every Space - Bedroom

Soft shades, like blues, grays, greens, and purples all offer a calming atmosphere. For instance, mix cornflower blue with a light gray to give your space an airy, beach-like feel. Neutral tones like cream also work well in a bedroom.

To implement the colors of your choosing, buy a bedspread, rugs and art that fits the decor. Your furniture can match or provide contrast– either option enhances the space.


Another (very) private space, your bathroom can feel luxurious or fresh. If you want a more serene space, go with pastels and a cool color palette. For instance, pale green and natural wood create a spa-like feel. If you prefer a royal-looking room, use golds and natural stone colors.

Room Color Ideas For Every Space - Bathroom

Your bath linens and accessories (like a toilet brush and toothbrush holder) can help you give the room the look you’re after.Hopefully, these room color ideas and suggestions help you plan your apartment decor.

However, it is your place and you should do what makes you happy. If you want your bedroom to feel energetic, use a warm palette, for instance. Your apartment must cater to your personal tastes, and if color theory and psychology fits, great!

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Room Color Ideas For Every Space

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