Questions to Ask About a Storage Space

Questions to Ask About a Storage Space

If you can’t cram another thing into your personal apartment storage, it may very well be time to think about renting a storage space.

If you’ve outgrown your apartment or have specialty items to put in safekeeping, ask these questions as you evaluate alternative storage options.

Is it secure?
You may have a small storage closet connected to your unit or larger storage facilities for rent on-site, but you should find out how secure they are before you move your stuff in. Who has access to the on-site storage? Does it have padlocks or keypad entry? Is it in a building with monitored security? If you are storing valuable items, you may want to rent storage in a secure off-site facility so you can better ensure your things are protected.

Is it temperature-controlled?
Another bonus to renting a storage space is that most facilities are temperature-controlled. This can be very important if you are storing items that require special care, like clothing, furs or wine, for instance. Certain valuables can deteriorate when exposed to heat or cold, so renting a storage unit in which temperature is regulated to avoid extremes is a smart move.

Is it dry and protected from the elements and pests?
The elements can wreak havoc on personal possessions, so keeping your valuables dry is a top priority. Valuable paper documents have the biggest risk of being ruined by water damage, but furniture and clothing should be protected, as well. Ask about fire protection measures and pest control, as well, for the storage space.

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Is the storage space easily accessible?
Depending on how often you anticipate needing to get to the items you keep in storage, consider the accessibility of the space. If off-site, is the space located near your apartment? Does the facility offer 24-hour access? Do you have your own key or is assistance required to get in to the unit? Ideally, you want a storage space that is convenient for you.

Size and space matter. If you can’t cram another thing into your personal apartment storage, it may very well be time to think about renting a storage space.

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11 thoughts on “Questions to Ask About a Storage Space

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  6. Keypads or Padlocks?
    Granted a Padlock would be easier to pick, or if a person had a bolt cutters to cut it off, but on the other hand what happens if there is a power outage and you desperately need to get into your storage unit.
    Dry and protected from the elements, unless you pay close attention as to how high above sea level you are, living along a flood plain, etc. you may always be susceptible to losing valuables to the elements.
    Accessibility is always an important factor, I used to bank with a financial institution so small they did not even have their own building they leased space from a major grocery store chain. As to prior mentioned bank, why did I invest my money through them?, because they offered the most accommodating hours.

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  9. Many storage facilities will also allow you to change your due date if you ask. Depending on the time your lease ends, this could save you some decent money. Most companies rent storage units on a monthly basis and require no deposit.

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