Pets Allowed vs. Pet-Friendly: You Need to Know the Difference

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Here at Apartment Guide, we know that renters absolutely adore their pets. In fact, apartment communities that welcome pets is a popular amenity on our website. But as we gradually shift into moving season, there’s something you should know: pet-friendly apartments are not the same thing as apartments that allow pets. Here’s the difference:

Pet-Friendly (5)

A special note about breed restrictions: Yes, they can be a pain for renters, but don’t take it personally. Just know this: limits on what kinds of animals are permitted to reside in an apartment community is an extra layer of safety and protection for everyone. Be sure to ask specifics about what types of pets and breeds are restricted before signing a new lease. Here’s a plus: some apartment communities may give you a break if your pet has proof of training certification or letters of recommendation from a veterinarian.

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Which category does your apartment community fall into: pets allowed or pet-friendly?

One thought on “Pets Allowed vs. Pet-Friendly: You Need to Know the Difference

  1. Having deliberately chosen apartments to meet the needs of my doggie companions, I like your differentiation between “pets allowed” and “pet-friendly.” Just two notes — are cats allowed outside? would be a valid question. And also, for disabled people, they can request a reasonable accommodation for an animal of any species to assist them in maintaining mental health or with physical tasks and they cannot be charged a “pet deposit.”

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