7 Tips for Easy Moving

With some smart organizing, you can make an easy exit -- and your next move will be a breeze!

With some smart organizing, you can make an easy exit — and your next move will be a breeze!

Are you a frequent mover or anticipating a move in the near future? You can make the next move easier by preparing a strategy to pre-pack and organize stuff you want to take — and toss what you’d rather leave behind!

With some smart organizing, you can make an easy exit — and your next move will be a breeze!

Here are 7 tips to keep you nimble.

  • Professional organizers recommend decluttering every time you move to a new place. As you pre-pack, take the opportunity to weed out non-essentials and get rid of clothing or items you haven’t used in the last year. This will lighten your load considerably. (And the local thrift store will thank you!)
  • Keep a moving folder. When you move, save your receipts and moving contacts so you won’t have to do the research all over again next time. This way, you’ll have a general idea of your moving budget and who to call to get the work done. Also, make notes immediately after a move about do’s and don’ts that you want to remember in the future — like how much easier it is to move into a first-floor apartment!
  • Remember the “one last box” rule. If there was a box that you never unpacked from your last move, don’t take it with you again. If you didn’t need that stuff before, then you won’t miss it in your new apartment!

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  • Make your next move simpler by keeping everything in storage boxes that double as moving boxes. The secret is to use lidded storage bins that work well at home, but can stack in a moving truck. Rubbermaid has great utilitarian options that fit under beds and in closets. There are also attractive fabric-covered bins that look great out in the open. Another smart tip that will help you stay organized and ready to move is to become an obsessive labeler. Place pretty storage labels on your durable bins to make the contents easy to identify.
  • Even with a boatload of storage bins, you’ll likely still need boxes on hand, when you next move. After a move, then, break down cardboard boxes and store them under your bed or in a dry storage closet. They’ll be easy to access for your next departure.

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  • Consider apartment decor, as well, to help ease the stress of adapting to a new space when you move frequently. You might buy neutral-colored furniture and linens, for instance. Then your stuff will look great no matter the decor or style of a new apartment. You can always personalize your space with affordable accessories like colorful pillows, candles and artwork.
  • Keep your friends close, if you are planning a move. You’ll want to give them plenty of notice about your moving plans and their potential role in helping you out. Remember, as well, that you’ll want to sweeten the deal with, at the very least, a free meal in their honor!

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  4. Do NOT use Cube Movers! My furniture was piled on top of each other with no protection. Therefore, deep scratches all over my dresser, dining table etc. Also, broke my stand up mirror and floor lamp. I had to call the bosses of the moving company to get my lamp back which took over a month and it was still broken. Also, the nerve of this bully moving guy telling me (before) he moved anything: “You better tip us well” is what he said to me. After the move (before I notice all the scratches & broken mirror & lamp) this same bully insisted I also tip a 3rd guy I never even saw (?) I refused to give them anymore money. So my advice when it comes to tipping movers INSPECT ALL YOU FURNITURE FIRST and tip accordingly.
    When you’re a woman alone…..most men will always try to take advantage of you so Fight Like a Man!!! Don’t let anyone get over on you…

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