How to Throw a Great Party in a Small Apartment Space

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You don’t need a big space to have a big time with your friends. It’s easy to throw a great party in a small apartment.

Here are some cool ways to transform your small space into a festive place.

Make room for fun
If your goal is to maximize space and fit more people in your apartment than usual, try moving furniture around, or, if possible, removing some furniture temporarily. A quick fix is to push furniture against the wall so you have more open space for milling about, while you preserve seating along the wall. If you have a guest bedroom or large closet, you can stash stuff there, too. Rearrange to make way for a dance space or the buffet table.

Get creative with your serving surfaces
Small apartment living requires you to get creative with your space when you are serving food. Think beyond the kitchen table and counters; any flat surface can sport a tray of crudités. The secret is to disguise surfaces and make them seem special.

Pick up some fancy fabric from the home goods store and cut out squares to drape over your stereo, coffee table or other sturdy, flat surface. Also look for different levels of surfaces to keep things visually interesting. Use plastic cups that guests can label as their own to cut down on glassware usage, saving space and clean-up time.

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Repurpose rooms in unexpected ways
Keep turning the tables on how you use your small space by changing the way you use your rooms. People have a tendency to serve food in the kitchen and play games in the living room. But what if you switch up the space and make your dining area the hangout, while serving snacks on the coffee table?

Be inventive and turn your guest room into the dessert den. Set up a food station on the patio so people don’t pile up in the kitchen. Place appetizers in the foyer so folks can enjoy them as they walk in. Consider any set-up possibility that helps party-goers flow comfortably through your space.

Try to use all of the space available to you. If you have an outdoor patio or balcony area, this could become an additional room for enjoying the out of doors, weather-permitting. If you would prefer guests not to smoke inside, consider making an outdoor area the designated zone.

Make the most of small details
One way to wow your friends is with a smaller, more intimate party. Ditch the paper plates and maximize your style while you make the most of your small space. If you invite six to eight people, you might choose to splurge on handwritten invitations, an expensive beef tenderloin, or other luxury details that might be cost prohibitive to share with a larger group. Party favors or gift bags are another nice touch to make a tinier party top the list of favorite bashes of the year.

Don’t let the logistics make you lose out on hosting a great party at home. Follow these suggestions that will support your small apartment soiree!

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