How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

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If you’re losing sleep over how to arrange your bedroom furniture, follow these tips and rest easy. The bedroom is actually one of the easiest rooms in your apartment to arrange. All you need is a bed, a couple of nightstands and maybe a dresser. In just a few hours, you’ll have a bedroom that dreams are made of.

Dive in bed first
Since the bed is the key element in your apartment bedroom, start there. It’s the largest piece of furniture in the room and typically the focal point. The best place for a bed is in the center of the largest wall. If windows or doors don’t allow this, you can place it off-center against a wall or you can angle the headboard in a corner of the room. Avoid putting the bed in front of a window because hot or cold air coming in from outdoors may disturb your sleep. Also, make sure you leave enough room to be able to walk around the bed for ease in making it. Once you get the bed in place, you can arrange the rest of the furniture around it.

Stay balanced
Since the bed is such a large item, you need to place smaller pieces of furniture around the room to balance it. If you have room, put a nightstand on either side of the bed. You can buy a set of nightstands that match or you can mix up different styles. You might even find a table around the house that you can repurpose. Just make sure they are about the same height and easy for you to reach when you are lying in bed. You might also try balancing the room by placing a piece of furniture on the opposite side of the room from the bed. Usually a TV or dresser is big enough to create a balanced look and feel.

Dress it up
Dressers are not only good to put across from your bed, they work great as TV stands or bookshelves. If you have a large expanse of wall, go for a low, wide dresser. Smaller walls or corners are optimal spaces for tall dressers. If your apartment bedroom is tiny, you can maximize space by putting a small dresser in the closet or under a window.

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The Victor Apartments in Boston, MA

Function over form
Once you’ve arranged the furniture, factor in the activities you typically do at bedtime. Are you a TV watcher? Place your TV across from your bed so you can easily see it. A night time reader? Make sure your nightstands have enough space for a book and a nice reading lamp. Just want to catch some Zzzzzs? Make sure your bed points away from incoming light such as street lamps or morning sun.

Have Feng with it
You’ve got the basics down, but if you really want to take your bedroom furniture arranging to the next level, incorporate a few Feng Shui principles. The Feng Shui philosophy of placement focuses on creating space for energy to flow properly. According to the principles of Feng Shui, good flow can bring prosperity, luck and even romance. Try furniture with rounded edges instead of square corners, make bedside tables symmetrical and keep your room clutter-free. The approach also recommends using soft fabrics and passionate colors like red and pink to create a romantic and relaxing bedroom.

Win, lose or draw
Wait. Don’t start moving furniture yet. That stuff is heavy! First, draw the layout of your bedroom on a piece of paper. Graph paper is best because you can measure your furniture and draw it to scale on the paper. Make note of where doors and windows are located. Then you can sketch in your furniture based on the arrangement principles you’ve learned. This will take the guesswork out of things, and you will only have to move the furniture once.  Invite a friend over to help with the heavy lifting!

Don’t forget the most important part of rearranging furniture — a reward.  Once you set your bedroom in place, put some fresh sheets on the bed and cozy up for a movie night under the covers or a well deserved nap. The energy you have put into arranging your bedroom will make the time you spend there more comforting than ever before.

3 thoughts on “How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

  1. My ultimate goal when arranging the bedroom furniture is to eliminate clutter. It is very important for me to create space and I do this by removing all unnecessary things from the bedroom.

  2. I have a hard time doing some new faces for our master bedroom since the space is not so big and I can’t put everything I wanted to place inside. But one thing that I am aiming is too look and keep it clean and organize.

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