Great Reasons to Stay Put in an Apartment

These details might convince you to stick around in the apartment space you’ve found!

These details might convince you to stick around in the apartment space you’ve found!

Do you love your apartment? Have you found the community that truly feels like home to you?

If you have, congratulations! The following might be just a few of the reasons why you feel that way.

But perhaps you are pondering other possibilities?

Consider what might convince you to stay in your apartment. These details might make you want to stick around in the space you’ve found!

Convenient location
In real estate, location is king. If your current apartment is located near work or school and offers easy access to highways and many of your favorite haunts, you know just how true that old adage is. A convenient location can make an apartment home feel like a real treasure.

Great neighborhood
The qualities of a neighborhood can also be enough to make you stay in an apartment, long-term. Consider walkability, diversity and the “cool factor.” Do you enjoy the character of your current neighborhood? Would you miss its unique quirks or cultural offerings?

Amazing amenities
Apartment amenities are another point of persuasion. Some apartment communities offer a wide variety of amenities like a pool, outdoor space for play or barbeques, dog runs, a gym or concierge, and laundry services. Take a moment to think about the apartment amenities that make your life easier. When all other factors in an apartment search are equal, amenities can really tip the scale toward “love.”

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The people
Good relationships with your neighbors can also factor strongly in a decision to stay in an apartment. Many apartments offer residents a real sense of community. If you enjoy knowing your neighbors and find yourself in an environment where folks are friendly and fun, you may have all the evidence you need to stay put.

Consider your relationship with property managers and staff, as well. Personable, attentive staff who make themselves available to their residents and respond quickly to maintenance issues or other needs are a true asset. If you feel your apartment community staff really takes care of you, consider that a good reason to stay in your current place.

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Financial factors
These are just some of the reasons that might convince you to stay in an apartment. There are financial reasons, too. If you enjoy a reasonable rent rate, that can be a very compelling reason to stay put.

And don’t forget that even a short, in-town move comes at a cost. Even if you do everything yourself, moving will still be an expense — on top of all the start-up expenses you’re responsible for to secure a new lease and set up utilities at a new place.

Sure, maybe you’ve daydreamed about moving? We all get an itch to try something new every once in a while, but moving isn’t necessarily something to do on a whim. Consider the reasons above, and you may decide you want to stay put right where you are!

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11 thoughts on “Great Reasons to Stay Put in an Apartment

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  5. Good list!! Also made me realize the place I am moving to is definitely the one for me, and the place I am in is not!

    Thank you!

  6. A great reason to stay in an apartment with utilities included such as I am, especially if you’re single is very cost effective. I have no need to purchase a home because I am single and live alone. I don’t have frequent friends over and I don’t entertain regularly. When I think of the costs of maintenance and upkeep of a home, I’m quite sure it is very costly. Especially a plumber or an electrician if something unexpected transpires and requires immediate repair. Where I reside is not only within proximity of all of my shopping needs, but accessible to transit in case my car should have mechanical difficulties at anytime. A relative of mine is about to purchase a home. He’s not married and has no children. He’s falling for the scheme that if you’re paying x amount in rent then you can pay x amount for a housing mortgage. I don’t buy into the tax write off amenity either. Some things to consider with a new home purchase are paying for water, gas, electric, property taxes, cutting grass, shoveling a driveway and sidewalk, pruining of trees, gutter cleaning, plumbing repairs (if needed), electrical repair (if needed), property taxes, home owners insurance, flood insurance, plus your car note (if you have one), car insurance, health premium payment, etc. Just thinking of these extra added costs make me want to disconnect my pockets from my pants altogether. I could see the need for the space if I was getting married and starting a family, but not as a single man just to get a tax write off on April 15th of each year. This is just my abbreviated opinion on purchasing a home, not a way of telling people not to do so. Every individual makes a decision based upon what they want and when they deem something to be necessary. And a home falls within those parameters as well.

    • Michael, you are 100% right. I had been a homeowner for 17 years. The cost of owning one’s one home is ENORMOUS beyond just paying the mortgage, and is absolutely not worth any tax write off. Your relative is not as financially saavy as he thinks he is, but I guess he’ll have to learn the hard way. I too thought I was privileged to own a home. Yeah, sure. I was “privileged” to remain poor while paying out my money to other people. Along with the high cost is the maintainence; roof repair, driveway repair, gardening, plumbing, …well, you listed it. I now live in an apartment. It’s like FREEDOM!. Somebody else does the landscaping and maintainence. If something goes wrong, I call the office (or the emergency number if it’s after hours) and they make the repairs without added cost to me. I get to keep more of my money. Tax write off?! Phooey!

    • Michael you are an answer to my prayer. I have owned several homes in the past and you are absolutely right. It was during the time I was racing my family. Now I am divorced and live alone in a Studio Apartment in Downtown Miami. I love the Urban life style, all the amenities, all the utilities and the maintenance included. I write one check a month and Wah Lah!!! I can go to sleep at night with no financial worries. I had however, decided to look for a one bedroom apartment and the more apartments I see the more I like my Urban Studio close to all the shops, restaurants, art and Opera Center within walking distance. What was I ever thinking I could find something better that this. Which has all new appliances, jacuzzi tub, huge balcony and a view of the Miami Skyline from my 31st Floor that is to die for. You just made my decision easier….I am staying put!!!

  7. Michael, I agree with you whole-heartedly. My boyfriend and I live in a great apartment complex. Whenever something breaks, it is fixed within 24 hours of us sending in a notice. I shutter at the thought of getting a home just because of the all of the extra costs. My boyfriend wants a home, but I am against, even if I have a family with him some day. Plus, we both travel a lot and move every few years, where’s the worth in buying a home if you’re responsible for renting or selling it when you leave. I love the flexibility of apartments and definitely love where I stay for the reasons listed above. Great article.

  8. I have lived in my apt. home for 27 years – going on 28. Before I lived in a house alone for 10 years. When I looked for an apt. (2 year process) – when I visited Park East Apts-Rosedale – saw my apartment when it was empty, I knew immediately that I was “home”. I sat on the floor in each room and drew a diagram of my furniture layout. All was perfect. Beautiful wooded area, close to I-95, I-695. We have a beautiful pool area, in bldg. laundry, terrific office and maintenance staff and great snow removal and good parking. The best part of Park East is that it is Owner Managed. I love it there.

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