Christmas Shopping Apps: Technology to Make Your Christmas Shopping Easier

Santa Claus, perusing the "naughty or nice" app on his cell phone -- indispensable!

Santa Claus, perusing the “Naughty or Nice” app on his smartphone. His review: 5 stars, “indispensable!”

Feeling overwhelmed by all the Christmas shopping you still have left to do?

Why not put your smartphone to work… and relax!

There’s a wealth of fun and convenient shopping apps that will help you get your holiday shopping done faster, easier — and on budget!

Shop smart this season with a few of our favorite apps.

"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..." Luckily, ladies, we have a tablet!

“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…” Luckily, ladies, we have a tablet!

Comparison shop like a champ
Need to know if the item you’ve got in hand is really your best bet? Use a barcode-scanning app like ShopSavvy, RedLaser or The Find to make sure you’re getting the lowest price. Simply use one of these apps to scan the code on an item, and then prepare to be amazed when the apps show you where else in town you can get the item and how much each retailer is charging. Comparison shopping is a breeze with these apps!

Watch your dollars and sense
Setting a Christmas shopping budget and sticking to it is a challenge for many holiday shoppers. But you can make it easier to track your spending with apps like Christmas Budget and Better Christmas List. You can set a budget for each person on your list, keep track of what you’ve already bought, and keep up with who still needs a present. You’ll be alerted if you’re close to overspending.

Give the best gifts
We all have that one person on our list who seems to have everything. What are you supposed to gift that guy? GiftGen has a few ideas. For use as a smartphone app or a website, this “gift generator” allows you to plug in basic information about the person (male or female, age, personality, budget, etc.) and get ideas for presents that would best suit him or her.

Another good way to do recon for gift-giving is to use Pinterest. Using your Pinterest app, check out a family member or friend’s boards to see if they’ve already pinned favorite products they might like to have. If you know your hard-to-gift person is an avid Amazon purchaser, you could also use the Amazon app to see if they’ve created a wish list. Shopping problems solved!

Corral your coupons
Forgot your coupons at home? No problem. You can access coupons on the run via your mobile phone. The best part? There’s no clipping required. To use a coupon, simply have the cashier scan your mobile phone.

Don’t get off the couch
Not into long lines and busy crowds? Shop online for just about everything you might need — without even leaving the couch!

No time to wait for shipping? Many favorite retailers, like Best Buy and Home Depot, to name a few, have apps that allow you to shop, pay for purchases and then have your items shipped to the store location nearest you — sometimes for same-day pickup. This “ship to store” feature allows you to shop online from the comfort of your home while avoiding shipping fees and long lines. Just bring a receipt to the store and pick up your items, which will be there waiting for you. (This method combines the best of online shopping with the instant gratification of a store trip!)

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