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Vintage classic elegant living room with grey velvet sofa

Decorating can be difficult. If you haven’t done any kind of decorating before in your apartment, you might not know where to begin. Sifting through piles of paint chips, fabric swatches and décor magazines can become overwhelming, and you might…

Apartment bedroom with world map on the wall

Squeezing your life into a tiny apartment, home, or condo can be a challenge, but you don’t have to sacrifice style or live knee-high in a sea of clutter. No matter how small, a space can be enjoyable and feel…

fairy lights mantle 260p

The mantle is a prime place to display fairy lights.

Fairy lights evoke many things for many people. Whether it's illuminating a Christmas tree or adding light to a wedding reception, they can be the perfect way to create a magical atmosphere in just about any space. They also happen to be cheap and easy to transport, making them the perfect addition to the decor in any apartment.

If you're struggling to add light to a space, fairy lights can really help to brighten up a dark corner or room. Here are nine creative ways to use fairy lights in decorating an apartment.