Best Places to Hide Holiday Presents in Your Apartment

The trunk of a sedan is a perfect place to hide holiday presents so prying little eyes won't find them.

The trunk of a sedan is a perfect place to hide holiday presents so prying little eyes won’t find them.

‘Tis the season to do lots of shopping. And if you’re the type to get all your presents in one trip, you’re going to come home with a carload of gifts, unwrapped and out in the open, where anyone – even nosey little children – can see them.

You know they’re going to look for them … so, Santa? You’d better have a game plan. Where can you find places to hide presents before you get a chance to wrap them? Inquiring little minds want to know what’s in store for them this holiday season, but fortunately for you, we’re one step ahead of them.

1. Keep them in the trunk of your car

If your apartment community’s parking lot is a safe place and relatively free of car break-ins, consider leaving presents in the trunk for a few days. Your little ones shouldn’t have your keys, and if they do, they definitely shouldn’t be out in the parking lot alone – which makes the trunk a pretty perfect hiding spot. Wait until they’re asleep or out of the house before you venture out to retrieve the presents for wrapping.

Obviously this doesn’t apply for SUVs or hatchback cars – the trunk must be completely obscured from view if you want to keep secrets there!

2. Stash them in the top shelf of the linen closet

When was the last time your kids opened the linen closet? Probably never, which is why this is a perfect spot. Just be sure to use the top shelf, and put something un-fun in front of the presents to hide them, like cleaning supplies. Your kids definitely won’t think to look there.

3. Stuff them under the bed – but hide them!

The kids will definitely look under the bed for their gifts -- but you can fool them.

The kids will definitely look under the bed for their gifts — but you can fool them.

Under the bed is a pretty obvious hiding spot. Come on – if you were a kid, looking for presents, wouldn’t that be one of the first places you’d look? Fool their little eyes by stashing presents in the center of the space under the bed, then surrounding the loot with ordinary boxes. That way, when little hands pull up the dust ruffle and peer under the bed, all they’ll see is everyday stuff, and they’ll move on. Fooled them!

4. Bury small presents in your underwear drawer

Your kids will never venture in there. At least, we hope not.

5. If all else fails, switch apartments with a friend

It’s easy – just keep your friend’s stuff at your apartment, and vice versa. Even if your kids find presents, they’ll be the wrong ones! For fun (and so no one gets their hopes up, if your friend is an especially awesome present-buyer), attach a little note to each gift that says “Not for you!”

Most importantly, send your kids off to school, out to play, or to a friend’s house ASAP after you do your shopping. Once the gifts are wrapped, they’re off limits until the time’s right – Christmas morning, a night of Hanukkah, or whatever tradition your family celebrates — to open them.

More tips for keeping your holiday season fun and safe:

Where do you hide holiday presents in your small apartment?

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